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Dam Funk: dollop

Catch L.A.'s finest Boogie Funk artist known for working with FlyLo to HudMo and Snoop tonight at dollop

Set to play with Kwes (Warp) tonight, 13 June, at Shoreditch's XOYO, the original 'Ambassador of Boogie Funk' from L.A., Dam Funk, has collaborated with everyone across all genres from Erykah Badu to Snoop Dogg, Hudson Mohawke and Flying Lotus for his unusual musical experimentations. Here he chats to us about his vintage 80s sounds, his disregard for mash-ups, and what's good about true Boogie today...

Dazed Digital: How do you modernise ‘vintage’ 80s sounds in your music, if that is what you aim to do at all?
Dam Funk:
I modernize the sound by writing about unusual topics such as "Brookside Park" (from "Toeachizown") and on tracks from the forthcoming album like "O.B.E. (Out Of Body Experience)" as opposed to just booty shaking Funk. Also, longer instrumental pieces & visual style components.

DD: Was there a lot of pressure being labelled as 'the Ambassador of Boogie Funk'?
Dam Funk: No pressure, yet I humbly understand the acknowledgement because, fact is, before me, when I started doing my club Funkmosphere in L.A. (in 2006) then coming out with my 'original material' in 2007, there was no one 'I could see' who (in that time period, especially in in the US) was reppin' and RESPECTING Boogie & Funk in the concentrated manner that I was, without shame. No mash-ups, no samples, no smirks. Just the real deal, then... progressing it into the future. So, I appreciate the 'nod', but I don't run with it, because I recognise that there have been (and are currently) way more knowledgeable cats & collectors in the game of Boogie & Funk than me. Yet, the 'nod' is noted and I'm honoured, because I (fairly speaking) have done a lot for the genres. This can never be denied by ANY collector or skeptic in the game. Period. So... done deal.

DD: What do you want to be doing in 10 years time?
Dam Funk: The next 10 years will be important for me, as I see myself becoming more behind the scenes in music. My own label. Scoring movies. Setting up 'creative shop' in different locales around the world & just striving to be a more positive being & force in life, in the midst of so much negativity encompassing us all today. Space travel is something I'm interested in too, whether it be by man made vehicle or through the mind's eye.

DD: Who else do you think is making the most innovative modern funk sounds today?
Dam Funk: I think cats like Henning, Benedek, L33, Turquoise Summers, Ad Bourke, XL Middleton, 4OneFunk, B. Bravo & The Starship Connection, Onra, Martyn (of The Blessings) and many more are stepping up the shine on Modern-Funk at the moment.

DD: What are you most looking forward to right now?
Dam Funk: What I'm looking forward to most at this time (humbly speaking) is for my next album to get into people's systems (due this Fall) and for the youth of today to STOP saying the word n*gga in every fu*kin' sentence they speak or song they write. It's silly and I don't support it! You will NEVER hear that word in my music as long as I live. 'Virtuous progression' is what I'm looking forward too. All G (as in gentleman).

dollop presents: Dâm Funk, Kwes - Live and dollop DJs XOYO, 32-37 Cowper St, London, EC2A 4AW; Weds  13th June, 8pm - £12 Adv Tickets