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Mo Kolours Remix

We speak to the soul, dub and hip hop explorer alongside an exclusive stream of the Claws For? remix of his new EP release 'Banana Wine'

Mo Kolours’ Banana Wine release on One-Handed Music, blends African and Latin rhythms with soul, dub, hip hop and electronic and the video, featuring Mo Kolours along side a montage of bananas, snake charmers, dancers and unidentifiable black and white clips, enhances the other-worldly sound of the single.

Dazed chats to rising artist Mo Kolours who brings us an exclusive stream of unreleased tracks from his EP2 (the second EP in a trilogy), with a remix by Claws For?, a Hackney based producer with releases for DC Recordings, Modern Soul Records, and Jahtari.


...your secret talent?
My people like my salads.

...the story behind your name?
The name kinda just came out of thin air! Although, when I was a kid I felt like there was more colours to be found than in my pencil collection.

...your worst vice?

...your favourite sound?
The sound of unity.

...your favourite website?

...your favourite label?
Don't really have one.... One-Handed Music is pretty good.

...your worst fashion secret?
Raspberry beret.

...are you listening to now?
Al Dobson Jr, JeenWildaBreaks, and Tightface Tapes.

How would you describe your work?
I wouldn't describe my stuff in words, I feel more comfortable making sounds....

What's next?
More music, collabs, and gigs.

The EP2 “Banana Wine” is out now on One-Handed Music and is available on 12” Vinyl and can be downloaded free here.