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Welcome To The Room: Andrew Weatherall Stream

We meet the duo behind the new radio series in Berlin operating out of Farb Fernseher and stream the exclusive Weatherall radio set from the weekend

Headed up by Sarah Miles and Anastasia Filipovna, Welcome to the Room is Berlin's latest radio venture recorded out of the club Farb Fernseher on a monthly basis. Having carefully selected previous guests down such as the likes of Move D, Hunee, and Catz N Dogz, the house and disco-focused series welcomed Andrew Weatherall over the weekend for a unique set which we stream exclusively here.

Dazed Digital: Why did you start Welcome to the Room and what's the story behind the name?
Sarah Miles & Anastasia Filipovna: There are so many amazing and interesting artists, both living and passing through Berlin... someone had to grab them! No one else was doing it. The story behind the name comes from an idea about how radio was traditionally listened to at home in people's rooms, and our room is where we invite our guests.

DD: Did you both have backgrounds in radio before?
Sarah Miles & Anastasia Filipovna: No, but a lot of our guests have! We are both big fans of the radio format, and it has definitely affected our own music tastes and interests. Of course we have a professional radio engineer - Michal Kowalczyk - who has had years of experience.

DD: What kind of guests can we expect in the near future and how do you curate them?
Sarah Miles & Anastasia Filipovna: When we were initially planning the show, we made a list of artists we would both love to invite, and so far so good! Other than that, we're keeping a close eye on upcoming events taking place in the city. Gerd Janson, Soundstream and the Idjut Boys should all be in the room soon.

DD: What has been your favourite show to date and why?
Sarah Miles & Anastasia Filipovna: Each show has been a lot of fun and a great experience. The first one was special of course, and the Soft Rocks' shows the most drunken! We're really happy that we've been able to have some friends back already - those being Hunee and Max Dunbar - which definitely creates a really nice feel to the show. There has been so many fantastic moments, when we have been pinching each other, so many great stories and music! A big thank you goes out to everyone involved so far...