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A Night With Soul Clap: Top 8

Ahead of an eight-hour set in London on their E-Funk tour, the notorious duo pick out eight tracks for a taster of what's to come

This summer, the infamous Boston duo Soul Clap will be returning to London with their unique 'A Night With Soul Clap' night where they'll be playing for eight whopping hours. Here they tell us about their eight chosen tracks, old and new, that will guide their set for a gist of what's to come on 9th June as part of their E-Funk tour for their new album.

Beastie Boys - Something's Got To Give
While we don't do 8 hour sets every day, we do love playing from start to end of a night. The warmup set is becoming a lost art, but there's nothing like the freedom a DJ has when they're warming up and we take full advantage of it by starting really slow and playing lots of hip-hop and smoothed out weird jams. This one fits in both those categories and has been one of the jams we keep playing in honour the the late MCA.

Voices Of Black - Dry Ur Eyez
Once the room starts to fill up we start picking the tempo up a bit, but keeping the mood mellow and volume down. This way if people want to start dancing they can, but the majority will keep talking to friends and chilling out. Voices Of Black jams are perfect for this time and Dry Ur Eyez is one of their best.

Zapp & Roger - Computer Love
Part of the concept for our A Night With is paying tribute to the DJs that made major contributions to pushing forward the artform and the culture. Remembering that DJing is an art is especially important in a time when even the New York Times says: "DJ’s do not spin records so much as command computerized sound systems, playing snippets of songs and using them to create their own protracted rhythms," and what better way to pay respect than to take it back to the beginning. In the 40's and 50's as the first modern DJs were taking over from bands in UK dancehalls a couple of them came up with a similar concept, play segments of slow jams at certain points of the night. Jimmy Saville in Leeds had "Smooch Time" at the beginning of each hour when "all the lights went out and then, bang, we started with all the romantic records." Ian Samwell in London called it "Dream Time, during which we spun the disco ball and played 3 slow songs in a row". For this special night we're going to take a cue from the godfathers and slow it down at the top of every hour. Feel the romance in the air.

Blood Orange - Champagne Coast
We've been championing Blood Orange ever since we found his song Dinner on 7" last spring and this is his new single. It's a beautifully deep Prince-like jam and the video is even more amazing. Gadi from Wolf + Lamb has been closing his sets with this and we've just done an edit that makes it perfect for that time of the night right before we take things into the stratosphere.

Soul Clap ft. Jules Born - Let's Groove On
Of all the tracks on our debut album, this one has proven to have the biggest dancefloor reaction. Maybe it's because we modeled it after Snap! and C+C Music Factory, which makes it fit perfectly into the 90's inspired part of the night (duh! how could we not do a 90's bit). Beyond the 90's appeal this one is the perfect start to the mothership lift off sequence and takes the night into new heights and dimensions.

KB - El Musica
This one defines what we like to call Deep4Life. That soulful New York house sound that also dominated the Boston scene for most of the 00's and was such a huge influence on us. We usually drop a couple of our Deep4Life favorites, but for this special night we're going to spend an extended period dedicated to art dancing to the deepest jams we own.

Funkadelic - One Nation Under A Groove
What would this list be without a celebration of the EFUNK. We always mix funk classics into our sets and on the EFUNK Album Tour we decided to goto one of our all time funk favorites. It's the perfect jam when people start to get tired and need a little pick me up, the ultimate booty shaking Soul Clap sing-a-long.

Inner Life - Make It Last Forever (Larry Levan Mix)
We recently were cracking on in a hotel room with 2 of dubstep's biggest players and ended having an epic disco battle on my Jambox speaker. Turns out these guys are massive disco heads and we whittled away the morning hours flexing on who could play the most obscure, awesome disco jam. In the end, I took the crown when I dropped this one, a Paradise Garage classic edited by the master himself, Mr Larry Levan. It's 13 minutes long, but still leaves you wishing that it really could last forever.

Hollie Cook - Body Beat
It's hard to decide weather to put this one at the beginning or the end. It's probably the best reggae song of the last couple years and we have it on 7". We love to get into dropping some 45s toward the end of the night because it makes DJing less serious and focused on mixing and more about just playing fun tracks. So this one is perfect in the end, but who knows, when we played for 8 hours at the Electric Pickle in Miami recently we opened up the night with all 45s... That's the beauty of an 8 hour set, we don't even know in which galaxy the mothership will finally touch down?!

A Night With Soul Clap: Saturday 9th June, 10pm - 6am, Loft Studios, 77-81 Scrubbs Lane, London. E-Funk album is out now.