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PhOtOmachine Exclusive Mix

We get an exclusive mix from the Brixton-based producer as the first signing on 2020Visions' new sub-label, 2020 Midnight Visions

This June sees the launch of the new sub-label '2020 Midnight Visions' from Leeds' iconic 2020Vision Recordings courtesy of Ralph Lawson. Headed up by somethinksounds' founder Kazim Kazim Kazim, the new label welcomes their first arrival as South London-based house-centric producer PhOtOmachine with his second ever EP release, ‘On U', plus a remix from Eglo's Funkineven. Alongside an exclusive mix, we have words with the young electronic artist about his secret love of breakdancing and why the analogue/digital debate bores him...


...your party trick?
I breakdance really badly after a few drinks.

...the story behind your name?
Helmut Newton's Photomachine.

...your worst vice?
Nostalgia. I'm a real sucker for the past.

...your favourite sound?
You know when playing basketball and you make a shot, hitting nothing but net. That swish sound.

...your favourite website?
Tumblr. That's my daily entertainment. Check out

...better, analogue or digital?
I prefer to touch. I'm a pretty hands on guy so I'm more into objects than mouse clicking. The Analogue vs Digi debate is pretty boring so it's more a question of simulation or real.

...your favourite label?
J.W. Anderson...

...your worst fashion secret?
I still have all my patterned Moschino jeans from the 1990s.

...are you listening to now?
Anything Josie Rebelle plays on Rinse. She's probably the best DJ in London by a long shot.

How would you describe your work?
The Hacienda meets the digital age.

What's next?
Sex, Haze & Raves. A concept EP coming real soon.

PhOtOmachine - 'On U EP' on 2020 Midnight Visions out Monday June 11th, 2012