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I:Cube 'M' Megamix Album Stream Preview

Check out the banging new album from the French producer fusing heavy disco and filter house vibes

Hear the stunning new I:Cube album, the 'M' Megamix here in full in our preview of the Parisian producer, Nicolas Chaix's latest endeavour. Apart from establishing himself as an iconic French Touch artist in the mid-90s, he has also taken on collaborative projects as part of Chateau Flight, whilst exploring pumping techno, house and disco sounds. Arriving nine years after his last release, this compilation-cum-mix of 24 high-energy tracks on Versatile Records is guaranteed to please...

"Hello fellow listeners, do not worry if the music keeps skipping from track to track, it's the purpose of this album, it's a "M" megamix after all! Enjoy the music, Enjoy your day. Bisous! I:Cube."

I:Cube - "M" Megamix is out now on Versatile Records