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Plant Plants

We speak to the east London duo as they release their new EP about getting high on Night Nurse and dodgy Alf t-shirts

East London duo Plant Plants are Stuart Francis and Howard Whatley, whose approach to releasing music has dramatically changed since last July's debut EP. In the last half of 2011, they played selects shows in London while secretly creating a stunning follow-up record, scheduled for release this June. Collaborating again with prolific production mastermind, Jas Shaw (Simian Mobile Disco, Gold Panda, Klaxons), this EP will be followed by live shows in the UK and Canada, showcasing the manic guitar, parallel vocals, and hardware sampling that has made them well-known in London. While some things are better kept underground, Plant Plants is not one of them.

Dazed caught up with them to reveal that their worst vice is also their favourite sound, amongst other brilliant forms of repetition.

...your secret talent?
Our producer, Jas Shaw of Simian Mobile Disco

...the story behind your name?
No story... we just thought it looked good on paper. Repetition repetition.

...your worst vice?
Night Nurse and weed.

... your favourite sound?
The sound of people drunk on Night Nurse and high on weed

...your favourite website?

...your favourite label?
We're always on the lookout for old school vinyl on labels like Kickin or Production House. Favourite label of the past few years: Triangle Records.

...your worst fashion secret?
An ALF shirt. A pink ALF shirt.

...are you listening to now?
A beat we made by repeatedly slamming and locking a door.

How would you describe your work?  
Time consuming.

What's next?
2nd EP release, a bunch of UK shows, then we're gonna smash Canada for a few months (half of PP was born there). Then back to our London studio in autumn to mix and release some more tunes.

Plant Plants' 2nd EP will be released June 18, 2012 on This Is Music. Catch Plant Plants play Friday June 15 with The Juan Maclean (DFA), Shit Robot (DFA) Factory Floor, and Rory Phillips at The Nest, 36-44 Stoke Newington Road, London, N16 7XJ