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Error Operator

We get the preview of the London-based producer's new EP 'All Around She' self-released on earFOOD Recs

The new video for London producer Error Operator's ‘Mstblove’ may depict a return journey from London to Paris, but there’s more to take from the crackling pictures and hazy nature of the shots than of the narrative route itself when paired with his haunting music. The two new tracks ‘Mstblove’ and ‘All Around She’, as well as remixes by prodigious producers Great Skies and Trikk, make up his new release. Having remixed the likes of Radiohead, UNKLE, Ghostpoet and The Weeknd in the past, Error’s Operator’s Andrew John Collins' solo endeavour ‘Mstblove’ is a subtle ode to his city.


…special about you?
I almost died when I was a child from a problem with my larynx, 3 operations later and I am left with a very husky voice as a result of laser surgery (true story).

...the story behind your name?

It's the name of a song by a band from the states called Taking Back Sunday, they were my favourite band at college and the name was the result of an iTunes shuffle.

...your worst vice?

I have mild OCD, things have to be neat all the time.

...your favourite sound?

Being underwater.

...your favourite website?

Pretty hooked on XLR8R, also loving MTHRFNKR & 92BPM.

...your favourite label?

earFOOD Recordings (Because it's mine). Besides that Young Turks and Pictures Music are pretty hot.

...your worst fashion secret?

I wear odd socks, it's like a secret in your kicks that nobody knows about.

...are you listening to now?

Nosaj Thing Mix for Mary Anne Hobbs, besides the Rui Da Silva track it's quite good.

How would you describe your work?

STRESSFUL... but at the same time it's fun, stressful fun.

What's next?

Right now I am going to catch up on Touch and Hawaii 5-0 on Sky and then I have a record to release on May 21st and a heap of demos to go through for [EAR002].