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Karima Francis

The singer-songwriter returns with an eagerly-awaited Spring tour

As the follow-up to her debut work ‘The Author’, singer/songwriter Karima Francis returns with with an exclusive track and a personal and narrative-rich new album, ‘The Remedy’ from which her new single ‘Wherever I go’ is taken. Her new LP is somewhat of a personal landmark for the Blackpool-born musician, acting as a document of renewal and recovery; of Francis’ return to the heart-felt music she loves best.


...your secret talent?

...the story behind the name of your new album?
It’s a long story, so I won't bore you but basically I got sick, I came through that with this record clenched tight in my fist. I feeds into (Recovery Love and Hate)

...your worst vice?
biting my nails

... your favourite sound?
The noise the oil can makes when Dorothys lubricating Tin man in "wizard of oz"...

...your favourite website?
I can't say……

...a song everyone should hear?
Small Hours - John Martyn

...your worst fashion secret?
Primark plain black knickers

...are you listening to now?
The Low Anthem

How would you describe your work?
Not a lie.

‘The Remedy’ will be out on 20th August on Mercury, and the EP 'Wherever I go' will be released on 28th May