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Blacksmif Exclusive Mix

The electronic producer set to play Dimensions festival makes us an eclectic new mix featuring everyone from French Fries, Joy Orbison, and SBTRKT

First catching our attention with his percussive jazz-influenced electronic sounds on Blah Blah Blah, the young upcoming producer Blacksmif aka Yemi Olagbaiye has made us an exciting exclusive mix veering from all electronic genres from the likes of Joy Orbison to SBTRKT, Martyn, and Salva.

Hailing from North London, Olagbaiye who has already remixed for Oculus and Submotion Orchestra will be joining the ranks of Little Dragon, Four Tet, Mount Kimbie, Joy Orbison, Gold Panda, Floating Points, Andrew Weatherall, John Talabot, Pearson Sound, Nathan Fake, Blawan, Objekt, and many more... at Dimensions Festival this September. Check out his mix below for an idea of what's to come from his set for the Sound of the Cosmos stage, on a boat no less, during what's sure to be a storming four days on the Croatian coast...


...your party trick?
I've got this thing where I can bend the little finger on my right hand completeley 90° to the left when my palm's facing upwards. It's an old basketball injury - I dislocated my finger as a kid but never went to the doctors so it healed up in the wrong position. Freaks people out more than it amazes them to be honest.
...the story behind your name?

Well, a blacksmith is someone who forges something out of various materials. It's kinda like what I do - taking different styles of various genres and melding them into my own. Also the percussive sound of my music (cymbals, clicks, etc) makes me think of what it might sound like to hear a blacksmith at work; like a constant clinking racket. I only changed it from a 'th' to an 'f' 'cause I thought it would sound cooler but I'm regretting it a bit now...

...your worst vice?

When I'm in the money it's definitely sushi... when I'm not, fried chicken... I'm in no doubt that the cause of my death will most likely be from an overdose of one or the other.

... your favourite sound?

Remember that old R&B track from the mid-90s called 'Pony' by Ginuwine? That weird vocoder sound where he goes "Yeah, yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah..." is pretty damn special.

...your favourite record label?
Man, way to many to mention. I'm quite all over the place with stuff like that. Labels like Push & Run, Numbers, Pictures, Brownswood, PMR, and Greco Roman to name a few are some labels that have been pushing my buttons big time lately.

...your musical 'guilty pleasure'?

I guess I'm still a sucker for a sexy R&B tune. Also there's a tune called "All I do" by a US rapper called Logic. I always get slated for rating it but, well, I like what I like I guess. It's that piano & those chords - I just can't get enough...
...are you listening to now?

J Dilla - One Little Indian (Buckwild's Remix Instrumental)

How would you describe your work?

I'm really bad at describing my own stuff. It's draws on so many things i don't even know where to start. To use an amalgamation of various anecdotal comments on my music i've seen so far i'd say the best summary would be "flamboyant percussive and melodic risks within a bass driven jazz tinged environment". I think that sums it up pretty well.
What's next?

I've got a few remixes coming out over the coming months for Submotion Orchestra, Fybe:One & Quantax. I'm also putting out another EP with Hypercolour's sister label Space Hardware after the summer which i'm really excited about. I'm also doing a few festivals this summer. The first is Glade festival. Hypercolour & Sneaker Social Club are putting some acts on at the Pyro-Mid microtent and i'm also playing at the BlahBlahBlah stage. Later on in the summer i'll be doing the Sound Of The Cosmos stage at Dimensions festival which is gonna be so much fun!

Exclusive Blacksmif Mix by Dazed Digital on Mixcloud

Dimensions Festival: Fort Punta Christo, Pula, Croatia: 6th - 9th September 2012; Tickets HERE.