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Ed Schrader’s Music Beat

Set for release on Upset The Rhythm, the new album 'Jazz Mind' from the Baltimore duo is the latest experiment in their eclectic paranoid pop sounds

Baltimore-based Ed Schrader's Music Beat is not a solo act, but duo Devlin Rice and Ed Schrader probably share a soul. Equal parts sonic chaos and minimal bliss, their latest album Jazz Mind (released on Upset The Rhythm) masterfully blends mixed tempos and shock hooks in an unexpectedly visceral, enjoyable fashion. While some have labeled their music "paranoid pop," they seem to think it's "kinda punk." Who says it can't be both? Here we premiere an exclusive stream of their album track 'Gas Station Attendant' and caught up with Devlin and Ed to discuss party tricks & fashion secrets...


...your party trick?
That we are comfortable and want to talk to everyone.

...the story behind your name?

Ed was playing a show that our friend Adam Endres booked. He thought it would be funny to bill Ed with a ridiculous name. We think it is fine name to confuse people with. People will ask five times in a row after a show in complete disbelief that someone would take themselves so seriously with such a silly name.

...your worst vice?
Devlin: Sitting around. There are better things to do but an just can't help myself.

... your favourite sound?
Devlin: Ed talking...

...your favourite website?

...your favourite label?
Devlin: Load, Upset the Rhythm and Fan Death of course!
...your worst fashion secret?
Devlin: Well, it's no secret that our fashions are just as old as our taste in music! We don't believe in wearing sweatpants.

...are you listening to now?
Devlin: Ed's rants and jokes, Skoal Kodiak, Whore Paint, Ski Mask, the last Daughters record, Doomsday Student, and heavy doses of Scorpions.

How would you describe your work?
One guy sings and plays a floor tom and the other asshole plays the bass. It's kinda punk. That's what I tell my boss and people at my job.

What's next?
Devlin: Another full US tour in July and then hopefully going over to UK and Europe in the fall! And a split 7 inch with Future Islands.