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Kodiak Exclusive Mix

The UK duo who just released 'Spreo Superbus' on Numbers make us an exclusive mix ahead of their DJ set alongside label co-head Jackmaster and Oneman

Having only emerged this 2012 with a bass-heavy, 2-step and house-influenced release on electronic label Numbers complete with all-star remixes from the likes of Actress and Girl Unit, the British production duo going under the name of Kodiak have made Dazed an exclusive mix to showcase more of their musical tastes. Catch them out this week at East London's The Nest, where they'll be playing alongside the formidable Glaswegian DJ & said label co-founder, Jackmaster, and Forward /'s Oneman.


... your secret talent?
Jamie: Fretboard wanking thanks to my teenage metal years. Pretty out of practice though and there's not much call for pinched harmonics on the dancefloor.
Mark: Sit down comedian.

...the story behind your name?
Both: It came in a vision - a man appeared in a flaming pie and said unto them "From this day on you are Kodiak". "Thank you Mister Man" they said, thanking him.
...your worst vice?
Jamie: Staring. Believing that absolutely everything needs phase/flange/reverb/delay added.
Mark: Drugs, alcoholism and ultraviolence.

... your favourite sound?
Jamie: 'Orchestra hit'.
Mark: Howling wolves.
...your favourite website?
Mark: Youtube. I'm not even trying to be funny.
Jamie: Incredible visual artist, and any site which hosts anything by Takeshi Murata.

...your favourite label?
Both: No single favourite, it's constantly shifting. Numbers! Also Hippos In Tanks, Faraway Press, Pelican Fly, Unknown To The Unknown, Well Rounded and 4ad.
...your worst fashion secret?
Mark: I had a small Hoxton fin in 2001. Only god can judge me.
Jamie: Not sure if I'd go for waist length pillar box-red hair now, but I was definitely into it at the time.

...are you listening to now?
Jamie: Andrew Chalk mainly, still getting through all the stuff on Keyboard Kid's bandcamp. The Rizzla ep on Fade To Mind is incredible and The Henny Moan album 'The Coming Thaw' needs a lot more attention from everyone.
Mark: Black Metal, Miles Davis and 70s/80s Soul. Cut Hands

How would you describe your work?
both: Fantasy dancefloor horrorcore. There's a narcotic element for sure, mainly in the combination of confusion and excitement. A little bit abrasive as well as we don't want anyone to get too comfortable.
What's next?
both: a remix for the wonderful Capracara on Unknown To The Unknown, then sell out as quickly and extensively as possible. Soundtrack an advert for spaceships or something. Bring it on.

NRSB - 685-471 2
2 AM/FM - Electronic Justice
Levon Vincent - Impressions Of A Rainstorm
Maelstrom - USSR (Aero Manyelo Remix)
Radioslave - Bell Clap Dance
Kodiak - untitled
Photonz - Wall
DJ Haus - Needin' U (Capracara Remix)
Bosstone - Lean
Admin - Pink Gloves (Kon Remix)
Mr. Tweeks - Ice Cream
Rizzla - Church
Vanity 6 - Make Up (Edit)
Tessela - Darlene, Please
Magnum - Dense (French Fries Remix)
Rizzla - Psychoton
Kuhrye-oo - Love Don't Live Here
Cupp Cave - White Out

The Nest Presents: Jackmaster & Oneman – 27th April: 9pm-4am; 36 Stoke Newington Road, London, N16 7XJ