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EXCLUSIVE: Battles Remix Album Stream

The trio treat Dazed to an exclusive stream of their highly anticipated remix album 'Dross Glop'

Following their experimental reputation and love of collaboration, Battles have reinvented their second studio album, 'Gloss Drop'. Each track from the 2011 record finds itself reworked at the hands of artists, personally chosen by the band, including the familiar names and noises of Gang Gang Dance, Gui Boratto, Kode 9 and Hudson Mohawke.

Dazed Digital: What's the story behind the name of the new album?
Battles: Well, ‘dross’ was a word we were kicking around when naming last summer’s album, Gloss Drop, but it wasn’t used. Ultimately, this is a remix record. You flip a few things around that you had before. We re-snazzled the dazzle, if you know what that means. 

DD: How did you pick those involved in the remix album and what were your personal favourites?
Battles: I dig the Gui Boratto because it was turned into classy disco and the EYE track because there's a crazy humour there that only he has.

DD: Has listening to them changed your view of your own music?
Battles: It's been interesting to see it take on a new life. Enjoyable.

DD: What are you most excited about next?
Battles: Making a new Battles album. It's going be completely just drums and guitars. No electronic gadgets.