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Bondax Exclusive Mix

The two 17-year-old producers picked up by Star Slinger make an exclusive mix ahead of their debut single release on Super

A quickie interview with two talented 17-year-old producers is double as fun as transcribing the self-exploration of a mediocre 34-year-old embittered by not yet having their genius recognised; there's more reference to eye farts, for one. George Townsend and Adam Kaye, better known as Bondax, are set to release their debut single “You’re So” - the aural equivalent of sipping an ice-cold Pimms on the balcony of your council estate flat - on 19th March via Super. Plus, if you happen to be reading this in Slovenia, they'll be playing Star Slinger's inaugural Jet Jam night in Ljubljana tomorrow. Between, what is presumably time spent on Call of Duty, YouTube surfing and chatting breeze, these lads o' Lancaster have also made a mix for you's guys.


...your secret talent?
Adam: I can blow air out of my right eye when I blow really hard and it makes a ridiculous noise, like a high pitched fart.
George: Umm, I can move my hair with my eyebrows.

...your worst vice?
Adam: An unhealthy obsession with James Murphy
George: Leaving orange peel everywhere because I eat too many oranges

...the story behind your name?
Don't want to get into the nitty gritty as it's boring but it's just our sound. Nothing to do with bondage or any weird shit its just a name we created, it doesn't matter in our opinion.  

... your favourite sound?
Adam: Slap bass on the Seinfeld soundtrack
George: The crackling when you play a record

...your worst fashion secret?
Adam: I only have two pairs of shoes because my feet are too big (size 13)
George: Owned a pair of silver Nikes for a bit…

...your favourite website?
Adam: Sidereels the best, too much tv, I track like 40 shows
George: Probs gotta be Youtube as boring as that is
...your favourite label?
Adam: DFA/Stones Throw/Ninja Tune
George: Ninja Tune the top of your shit list?
Adam: Joseph Woolham, Facebook him he's a bellman
George: Angry people

...are you listening to now?
Adam: Excuse me - Raphael Saadiq, Instant Vintage is toooo good
George: Carla Thomas - I'll Never Stop Loving You  

How would you describe your work?
Airy sunny romantic vibes

What are you most excited about next?
Travelling / producing new music / dancing / eating

I Keep Thinking Of You - Roberto Rodriguez
New Jack Swing - James Fox
Untroubled (TOYC Remix) - 123mrk
Never Gonna Let You Go (Kelly G Mix) - Tina Moore
Rack City (Mak & Pasteman Remix) - Tyga
Downtown - Look Like
Stomp (Cedaa Remix) - 5kinAndBone5
You’re So - Bondax
Feelin’ - Medla
Leave Your Keys - DJ Q
Do The Same (VIP) - Mak & Pasteman
Like Her Right There - Boxwork
Lonely Star feat. Jaja - Xao
You Knew - Mahs
Just Us - Bondax