Black Orange Juice EP Premiere

Gospel, R&B and House sit comfortably side by side on this brand new trio's list of influences and their talented line up of members includes Hyperdub's Ossie

Hyperdub’s Ossie has recruited vocalists Paul Black and Tilz to join him in his latest project, Black Orange Juice. The all singing trio come together to create smooth r'n'b vocals lying seductively on top of house beats. On the 14th of this month they are due to release their new 'Back of My Car' EP. When listening to their voices, it’s no surprise that they have a history of gospel choirs and R&B quartets, and these influences combined with their knowledge of the UK underground scene create a unique kind of energy and sound. Check out their debut EP here first...


...special about you?
We are nomads of the musical galaxy who are crazy in love and love crazy.

...the story behind your name?
Black (Paul Black), Orange (Ossie) and the Juice part we have no idea, but the phrase Black Orange Juice was floating around between us before we actually called ourselves that.

...your worst vice?
Paul Black: Women, been called a lady lover. It's brought me joy and drama in the same breath.
Tillz: Conspiracy Theories.
Ossie: Malted milk biscuits, I call them cow biscuits.

... your favourite sound?
Tillz: The sound of the ocean, I only hear it when I'm on holiday.
Ossie: That’s hard, I tried to think of something none musical but I failed. The chords in “Deep House kit” in Ultrabeat (Logic 8). That’s my favourite sound.
Paul Black: I have a daughter and she’s beautiful, her laughter makes my life chime like a musical.

...your favourite website?
Tillz: when I want to catch a TV series/movie that I’ve missed... you can get a link to everything on that site!
Ossie: for me, I’m always on it.
Paul Black: Hard one, there are loads of websites I regularly view but I’d say for rude, funny and sometimes ridiculous reports.

 ...your worst fashion secret?
Tillz: Wearing caterpillar boots to school.
Ossie: Long johns from Primark.
Paul Black: I used to have cornrows.

...are you listening to now?
Scratcha DVA - Pretty Ugly  
DJ Nat Wendell's Soul Aspiration Vol 7
DJ Basis – Soul Provider Vol.2
Bugz In The Attic – Got The Bug: The Bugz In Attic Remixes
Wale – Ambition

How would you describe your work?
Organic, Outlandish, Fun, Creative anything but work.

What's next?
More good music really, EPs, mixtapes and gigs, cubnights too.