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XO Launch: Raf Daddy (2 Bears)

Alongside an exclusive mix from Cooperative Music, we speak to Raf Daddy about his set at the new XOYO bar

Tonight, Thursday 29th March, sees the launch of XO, the new bar space above Shoreditch's XOYO venue, with headline acts Andrew Weatherall and Raf Daddy of The 2 Bears taking to the stage with support from Somethinksounds and Five Easy Pieces. The event will be the first to kick off a series from various party-throwers at the new location, including the likes of Cooperative Music who are set to run their new night, Multimix. Here we get an exclusive mix from them, featuring the likes of, Boys Noize, Azari & III, and John Talabot ahead of the night and have a quick one with Raf...

Dazed Digital: Having quite widely eclectic musical influences, what are you currently listening to in your own time?
Raf Daddy:
A Kitty Wells compilation, the soundtrack to the film Performance, the Shangaan Electro remixes on Honest Jons.
DD: How do your solo sets differ in sound from your sets as 2 Bears? Do you prefer playing alone?
Raf Daddy: It depends completely where I'm playing. Tomorrow night it'll be a bit less banging than a bears set because it's early evening in a bar. I used to do sets like that all the time and haven't for a while so I'm looking forward to it. Both ways is fun.

DD: If in doubt, play?...
Raf Daddy: Cricket
DD: What are you most excited about right now?
Raf Daddy: The summer ahead. We've loads of brilliant gigs in the book. I've just made a mixtape of hip-hop from 1990 -1996 that's going up online on Friday. That's exciting too.

Daphni - Yeh Yeh
Boys Noize - Yeah
Gongon - I Could Be There
Arthur Russell - This Is How We Walk On The Moon (Bootleg)
Eliphino - More than Me
Azari & III - Reckonless With Your Love
John Talabot - When The Past Was Present
Jacques Greene - These Days Blondes - Wine
Deadboy - I Wish You Were Here
Jacques Greene - Another Girl