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The Tea Street Band

Ahead of their debut EP the band of firm friends liken their inexpensive sound to a scene in outer space

Having spent the last six months organising acid house raves, The Tea Street Band are ready to put the emphasis back on their own music. Their debut EP ‘Fiesta’ oozes with an unexplainable feeling of nostalgia. The heady melodies smoothly and effortlessly roll along the top of the EP's consistent pulse, so naturally woven into the arrangement of the tracks that it’s easy to forget that it’s there. The lilting euphoria of their music is added to by the band’s easy going, likeable attitudes; their Liverpudlian charm combined with a penchant for a good cup of tea.


...special about you?
I'd say the point of us all being friends for a decade is very special. We are like brothers. The plan was to try and create a band playing dance music without the big expensive sequences, we didn't have the money for all that so we just tried with what we had which has created a one off sound.

...the story behind your name?
James the lad on keyboard came up with it in about 2006... I like the way everyone always says 'like the E street band' they expect us to be rocking out with bandanas on. They couldn't be further away from the truth.

...your worst vice?
Probably never seeing the best in something - always wanting to make something better.

... your favourite sound?
My favourite sound would have to definitely be Lee Smith (TSB guitarist) on his guitar going through all of his pedals. The lad is a magician, you could put him on a stage on his own and he would entertain the masses. The mad thing is he is really quiet and not flamboyant enough so he just stands on the stage as if he's making a cuppa. Mind blowing... Also when I go home to me parents and me Mum says 'you staying for tea' that's always a lovely sound.

...your favourite website?
Probably got to be Youtube. Dead boring and middle of the road choice but I'd say it’s the one that gives the most. Never stops giving and you will always find something new and interesting on there.

...your favourite label?...
Have to be Factory Records. Not even so much about the bands they worked with, just the way it was a Northern thing. They were never bothered about moving with the masses, it was all about what they thought was right.

...your worst fashion secret?
My worst fashion secret would have to be buying an Adidas bubble jacket. Don't get me wrong we all love Adidas. The trainers are second to none but I went into a shop and saw this horrid bubble...somehow jooped myself into liking it and bought it. Must say it’s very warm but I hate how wearing it makes me feel Italian and dead fat.

...are you listening to now?
Right now I am listening to Doves - Lost Souls. It’s a brilliant album and Doves are a brilliant band. All their albums are good and they know what works.

How would you describe your work?
I'd describe it as a rocket with loads of fire coming out the bottom of it. It goes all the way to a planet and when it lands a big bass drum starts to beat in crotchets, and then this big dirty arl bass line starts...s
ome nice spacey chords coming from the Korg...then Lee’s guitar starts, that's the aliens talking and the whales swimming ...then my guitar starts, that's like the lazers we have shooting the aliens and a wonderful Superhero of a woman (she's got a male voice) starts to sing these wonderful words that stop the war and bring peace and harmony. Then they all have a cup of tea together.

What's next?
Our next step is to release the Fiesta single and play four shows in Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow and London. Then hopefully start to record the album we have written. It’s like a concept - all the songs tell stories; basically of a single man going out on a Thursday night and coming home on the Sunday. Waking up next to wonderful lady on the Sunday. With the songs I write I always take myself out of the equation and try and say the things every man wants to say but feel that they can't because they're a man. Love. Hopefully it'll leave us in good stead and put us on an airplane to see a few nice places. That's the dream, let's hope it happens.

The Tea Street Band will be playing at Hoxton Square Bar & Grill on April 25th