Warm: Exclusive Face + Heel Video

We speak to the music agency founder about their eponymous record label venture alongside a premiere of their debut signing's new video

Launching this May 7th, the new record label from London-based electronic music agency and long-running club nights Warm presents a three-part series of EPs from their debut signing, Face + Heel. Warm Records will be releasing the limited 10'' EP from the Cardiff duo making lush electronic sounds, consisting of Luke Taylor and Sinead McMillan with respective backgrounds in sound design and classic compositions - as the first of three releases to come this 2012.

The music [from Face + Heel] surpassed anything else I had ever been sent and was on constant rotation at home and on the headphones which is always the perfect sign

Here we present the new video for the pair's single 'Dragging Your Chains', alongside an interview with Ali Tillett of Warm about the intentions behind the label and what to expect.

Dazed Digital: After years of throwing hugely successful parties, why was taking on a label the next logical step?
Ali Warm: I have always wanted to start a label ever since Warm began all those years ago but due to focussing on the agency and events there was never really the time. Now we have merged our agency with Elastic Artists and we are taking time out from putting on our own events, I have more time now. It seemed like the right time to start up the label so I could focus on it 100 percent and work closely with the artists we sign. I also have quite a few friends who run labels and over the course of the last twelve months I was also asking their advice about starting a label. The other key factor was that over so many years of running Warm, I had never really been sent tracks or had heard tracks that grabbed me as much as those that Face + Heel sent me, so in a way it was the next perfect step.

DD: What gap does the label fill and how will you aim to make it different?
Ali Warm: For me personally it's just about working with the artists and music I believe in, as this is paramount to the whole label. I'm not going to rush things as I always want everything to be right. Everyone involved in the label such as Jack (Featherstone) doing the design and Hans (Lo) doing the music videos and Sinead and Luke (Face + Heel), we all have the same ideas and vision of where we want to go with the releases this year and how we present them.

DD: Did you approach Face + Heel with the intention of releasing them as the only act on the label over the first year?
Ali Warm: Sinead and Luke emailed me earlier this year about potentially coming onto the agency roster. They attached a couple of tracks to the email and I had a listen to them and straightaway knew this would be the first artist for the label. The music surpassed anything else I had ever been sent and was on constant rotation at home and on the headphones which is always the perfect sign. We literally met a week later in person in London for a couple of pints and we had the same ideas and vision and had the same musical tastes and everything just seemed to click. Then once we got chatting more and more, I got to find out how prolific they were so then I proposed the idea to them for me to concentrate solely on them for the whole year and to put out the first three releases and they said yep!

DD: How would you aim to describe the sound and style of the label? To reflect the past/ongoing parties?
Ali Warm: The main aim with the label is to build every artist up to a potential album release, that’s the ideal plan. In terms of sound and style, to be honest musically it could be anything as I listen to so much music everyday from all genres that I don’t believe it makes sense to pigeonhole Warm as a house label or disco label, which I think some people would have expected. So expect anything and everything in the future. The main thing for me personally is making sure any artist we sign is happy how we work together and they feel confident to voice their own ideas and view points. Working as a team is paramount.

What's next?
Ali Warm: Face + Heel are supporting Matthew Dear in London and then in May they will be headlining their own show in London to release their EP as well as playing Great Escape and Lovebox festivals. Beyond this we are just finalising the next EP so that's ready to come out in the summer and we have a multitude of amazing demo's we have to choose from. We also have a music video coming from Hans Lo and also Jack Featherstone is teaming up with Jamie Thompson to put together some visuals for the live show. So exciting times ahead... oh and lots of gigs to come and tours...