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The slo-mo lo-fi, dubbed-out producer speaks to us about his cavernous cosmic vibes after remixing the likes of M.I.A. and Lana Del Rey

With an impressive roll call of official remixes for the likes of M.I.A, The xx, Lana Del Rey and Death Grips’s Zach Hill, Steven Borth aka CHLLNGR peddles an unusual blend of slow mo, dubbed-out songwriting and haunting syncopated soul that embodies the mystical Scandinavian atmospherics of his newly found Copenhagen home. With a new EP “Datter” out on the psychedelic, digi-prog Time No Place label, it’s a rawer approach on the vocals, with less emphasis on tweaked out reverb but still maintaining the dark, cavernous, cosmic vibe that the native Californian is known for.

WHATS… special about you, then?
I have no idea what I am doing most of the time. But I act like I do and it seems to work out just fine.

…the last film you saw?
I saw "Still Bill". I really loved the film and it totally solidified for me how amazing Bill Withers is as a musician and person. It is really inspiring to watch a story of a man who appears to be only in it for the music as opposed to so many I have seen in the past. you love about your city?
I love that the bike lanes are huge and everyone pretty much knows to stay off of them unless you are on a bike.

...the best piece of advice you've heard?
A while back my mother told me to always make sure to listen to music with soul. Advice that I still keep in mind.

...better, dusk or dawn?
Dusk, when I am up at that time its either after an extremely long night of hanging out with friends or I am getting up with my little girl super early and we are enjoying the first few hours of the day together.

…your favourite Copenhagen food spot?
I just started eating meat again recently after an eight year break but there is a burger joint in CPH called Halifax that makes an amazing "Mexican" celery burger. I have no idea how they make celery taste so good.

...the name of your hero?
King Tubby. special about your hero?
He created dub! A type of music that has inspired me more than any other style. He was an electrician by trade and he would make his own sound equipment and other gadgets. He was a genius. scary about Death Grips?
The first time you see Zach Hill play it can be pretty intimidating, he murders drums kits, cymbals and anything in the general vicinity. In real life he is actually one of the nicest people in the world. We actually used to work at a record store in Sacramento years ago!

...your favourite website?
In the past year I have gotten addicted to a few social networking sites. There are some positive things that have come out of them but I would definitely say I have wasted some time that I will never get back. the top of your shit list?
International flights that make you pay for food and drinks.

How would you describe your music?

Dubby dark soul.