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Acid Glasses

The 21-year-old Memphis producer speaks to us about acid trips at the iMax and his psychedelic sounds

Hailing from Memphis, Tennessee, the aptly-named 'Acid Glasses' is the brainchild of 21-year-old Nick Burk who presents his own breed of lush, acid pop for the modern day. His track 'Jpeg Hoarder', emanating summery laidback psyche vibes, is the perfect soundtrack to tripping balls in a field - a simple layering of lo-fi 70s vocals and jangly guitar loops. Set to tour Europe in June, here he speaks to us about his favourite acid trip to date and bouts of chronic laziness...


...your secret talent?
I have a knack for bocce, like I'm getting pretty serious about it.

...your worst vice?
I'm pretty lazy; like I try to set everything up to where I can do it from the bed/couch so that's where I have my "studio" (for lack of a smaller term).
…the story behind your name?
When I first started the band, it was not just me... there were three other members, and we were called '3D Acid Glasses'. But after a while, it morphed into a solo thing, so I dropped the '3D' from the project. I did this both to signify that it was now just me, but also just because I thought "Acid Glasses" was cooler.

...would be the best acid trip ever?
I would have to say that my personal best was my first time, I was 12 and I went to the iMax to see Space Station 3D and the mixture of iMax and 3D is something that has obviously affected me. I think actually tripping while in space would probably be either amazing or terrifying (both) ...

... your favourite sound?
That's a weird one... I kind of go through phases of different types of sounds (and variations thereof) that I can play around with and explore them in all kinds of situations; like with different effects, and playing with the pitch and time, and what sounds I can mix together to create a new, like hybrid sound. I recently purchased a contact mic, so I have been recording all the different sounds around my house (chimes, bowl and plates, my body, a metal pot or tea kettle halfway full of water being tilted around back and forth yields some great sounds.)

...your worst fashion secret?
Um I dunno, I just wear what I like... does wearing two different socks count?

...your favourite website?
I like Impose Magazine's site, the late Altered Zones was wonderful, the blogs Bleeding Panda & Crystal Vibrations; Boomkat is nice. I've definitely made some money thanks to Craigslist; and Facebook has become necessity, basically, for civilisation so not having one at this point is more of a hindrance to yourself than it is a social-statement or whatevz.

...your favourite labels?
Stroll On, Chill Mega Chill, Glass Floor, Holy Page, Captured Tracks, Bathetic, Gnar Tapes, Night People, a zillion more...

...are you listening to now?
Anything James Ferraro, Total Control, Pierre Schaeffer, I've just recently gotten into Deerhunter (I know I'm the last one on that boat...), Cloudland Canyon, White Fence, that Shangaan collection, whatevz really...

How would you describe your work?
I would say that it is a result of me constantly playing around with sound and the basic building blocks of music proper; and then taking small pieces of my larger explorations and compartmentalising it into songs...

What are you most excited about next?
I think I'm going to Europe in June, so pretty stoked about that. My last experience overseas was less than stellar (see Forbes) so I'm hoping that this will make up for it. Other than that, I just want to keep recording as much as possible, putting out as many releases as possible, working as little as possible, and getting stoned as much as possible. PEACE!