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CCC Exclusive Mix

The creative trio made up of Night Plane, Harry Bennett & JM make us a new mix as they release more of their psychedelic disco

New York-based trio, CCC dabble in all creative fields encompassing music and art design, where their DJ/live performances combine forward-thinking electronic productions with old school vinyl skills. Having first arrived via their eponymous label in 2010 with a release from Night Plane – 'Str8 2 Ur Heart', remixed by Gadi of Wolf + Lamb, they've since moved on between psychedelic influences with acid, deep house to indie rock and experimental disco on their latest release 'Sonic Underground' with a Mugwump remix.

Artwork for music can never express the music, it can only compliment it, or add an unexpected dimension. Perhaps both our music and images can be said to reflect a kind of psychedelic minimalism

Working with designer John Moeller, their visual art is inspired by the likes of Antonin Artaud, William James, Henri Michaux and Brion Gysin - where they developed a contemporary art project entitled, 'On Acid: A Field Guide to Altered States', as a heavily researched foray into psychedelic experiences, as shown as part of the Museum of Modern Art's print collection.

Dazed Digital: How do you aim to tie in your visual art with your music? Which came first?
CCC: We've always done both. Artwork for music can never express the music, it can only compliment it, or add an unexpected dimension. Perhaps both our music and images can be said to reflect a kind of psychedelic minimalism, where everything is reduced to the point where what remains has room to unfold its uniqueness. Also the chance encounter is important to us in the creative process of combining sounds and images. We are drawn to juxtapositions, accidental encounters and aleatory procedures that generate something that is unexpected but that can also seem oracular or divinatory.
DD: How would you describe your work in one sentence?
CCC: I can get a message to California faster than you can make a phone call. How? The drum. Say what? The drum. What's that? Vibrations.
DD: What's the story behind the name?
CCC: You have to be a member of CCC to know the meaning.
DD: How has working w/ the Wolf + Lamb guys shaped your creative process?
CCC: Working with Wolf + Lamb has reminded us that there is no rule book for being an artist. you are tasked with generating your own rules through trial and error and then following them. Furthermore, we saw how they conducted parties at the Marcy and learned that even non-musical projects can be treated like compositions, which must be carefully produced. Bad frequencies must be eliminated, everything must be set into harmonious relation. It's a kind of a Zen lesson for electronic musicians: life requires proper tuning.
DD: What/who are you listening to right now?
William: Murk. Royal Trux. Alva Noto. The Pharcyde. Leonard Cohen. Andy Stott. A$AP Rocky. Harry Partch. Delaney & Bonnie.
Harry: I don't listen to rap or hip hop anymore but I am listening to everything by Whitney Houston (RIP) that was produced by Junior Vasquez and Shep Pettibone, Nina Kraviz's new album and some early 90s classics I got off Discogs that I ain't tellin' y'all haters 'bout.
DD: What are you most excited about next?
William: Our newest EP, Sonic Underground, is just out on vinyl and digital. It showcases some house remixes we've done of several independent bands, including Baby Alpaca and Mack Winston, and Mugwump's killer remix of us, because we count ourselves among the independents of this world. We're again in production mode and doing some cover songs, for our Liberty Lunch project, named after the storied Austin club where Harry used to DJ between bands. In March I will play as Night Plane for the Wolf + Lamb's label showcase at WMC in Miami, and I’m currently finishing up tracks for an album for the label as well.
Harry: I'm excited about the 2012 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.