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Das Glow Exclusive Mix

Set to release his latest EP on Surkin's new imprint Marble, the Berlin producer Das Glow churns out an exciting new mix for us

Known for his records on iconic electronic labels like Boysnoize, the now defunct Institubes and its revamped sister imprint Marble, Berlin-based producer Das Glow aka Damien Granier has always been a key member of the late noughties' electro crew, making some of the heavier sounds influenced by techno. Now back with a new EP on Surkin, Para One and Bobmo's Marble label, he makes us an exclusive mix as a whirlwind journey through his favourite sounds today.

Dazed Digital: How has your music changed/progressed over the years since you first started?
Das Glow: From the inside I don't see it clearly but I think for sure it evolved into a solid block.

DD: How would you describe the new stuff in one word?
Das Glow: "Techno" I guess...

DD: What are you listening to right now?
Das Glow: Mostly a combination of 90s house and techno like Djax Up or Trax... and more recent stuff like Swamp81 Records, I like what they put out.

DD: If in doubt, play ____?
Das Glow: Floorplan - Baby Baby. This tune is so well produced, I don't think any crowd could resist it. Robert Hood, big baws!

DD: What are you most excited about next?
Das Glow: I'm going to tour Australia in two months and I've decided to make a stop in Japan after that to spend all my money on a TR-909 at Five G.