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Colours: Exclusive EP Stream

Cult DIY label Marshall Teller release their storming new EP produced with Warm Brains, streamable here

Heading up their own DIY record label - Marshall Teller Records, UK band Colours provide a cult platform for releasing their favourite bands such as Gross Magic, Dignan Porch, Warm Brains, Total Slacker, Weird Dreams, and The Vaccines. Influenced by early 90s bands, their own music takes on their lo-fi aesthetic to next levels - as can be heard in their new EP, streamable exclusively off Dazed Digital here.

Looking back, I wish I was a little more creative, as the band name is terrible for searching, you mainly get linked to a wedding band from Texas

Recorded with East-London musician/producer, Rory Attwell aka Warm Brains, Colours’ latest release, available as a limited run of 250 records screen-printed by the band & friends, is full of warm, jangling guitars and lazy vocals, layered with melodic basslines. Artist Natalia Stuyk will be making a new video for the title track 'Drip Haze', after working with Echo Lake and The Mae Shi. To celebrate the release, Colours and Sexbeet will be throwing a party at The Shacklewell Arms with Dignan Porch and YRRS this March.


...your secret talent?
Leon: Once was a semi-professional footballer, of sorts.
Tom: Jazz Mandolin
Lewis: Whistling
Jorge: The ability to look like any ethnicity or sex.

...your worst vice?
Leon: Spending money
Tom: A Steady Job.
Lewis: Enjoying the smell of my freshly cut toe nails
Jorge: Smoking

…the story behind your name?
Leon: It's pretty boring and not much of a story, I was just thinking of names, something ‘cool’ interesting etc, but was finding it really hard. I came across the name of The Horros album, ‘Primary Colours’ and just lifted from there, yeah, boring right? Looking back I wish I was a little more creative, as the name is terrible for searching, you mainly get linked to a wedding band from Texas!

... your favourite sound?
Leon: A hair dryer
Jorge: I do enjoy the sound of my bass played through all my pedals, weird ambient drone tones. I love it, Leon and Lewis hate it.
Lewis: I had my heart set on getting the whale noise tape from the stewarts garden center as a child. The idea was dismissed by my parents as I would only "put it in a draw"

...your worst fashion secret?
Leon: Wear my shoes until they have holes in.
Lewis: Working in retail has meant my tshirts are neatly folded and shirts hung in some kind of colour order
Tom: I always dress well
Jorge: Hockey socks

...your favourite website?
Lewis: I quite like
Jorge: - a photography website portfolio with some very interesting and original work, started by Tim Barber, though he stopped updating a few months ago.

...your favourite label?
Jorge: Marshall Teller of course, though there are some great indepedant labels putting out some good stuff right now, like Italian Beach Babes, Supplex Cassette and, Faux Discx. Personally I'm heavy into what Sacred Bones are putting out right now, Amen Dunes, The Men, Pop.1280 all on heavy rotation. the top of your hit/shit list?
Leon: Hit - new Cheatahs stuff rules. Shit list - always the day job
Lewis: I perform better in the morning
Jorge: Hit list - Keel Her Cassette on IBB. Shit list - Looking and applying for new jobs.
Tom: Hit - Shit:

...are you listening to now?
Jorge: Currently I'm at work and Dreams by The Cranberries is on the jukebox.
Leon: NO AGE – Cappo
Lewis: Vollmar – Okay
Fiona Apple – Paper Bag

How would you describe your work?
Lewis: The product of old friends

What are you most excited about next?
Leon: First things, we are really excited for this 7”, its something we are all really happy with! With regards to the rest of the year, we will be putting out another 7” in a couple of months and then trying to concentrate on a full length EP/ album for the summer hopefully, so lots to keep us busy and excited! Annnd our release show on the 2nd of March with good friends Grass House and YRRS.
Lewis: someone replying to one of my job applications
Jorge: Writing new songs and playing good shows..... and dinner
Tom: Lunch

Colours will be playing 2 March at Shacklewell Arms with Dignan Porch and YRRS. Pre-order the 7" here