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Mecca 83

The Manchester-based hip hop and jazz influenced electronic producer speaks to us about his new LP fusing laid-back trippy beats and melodic pianos

Manchester's twentysomething music producer Mecca 83 translates influences from Hip Hop, Jazz and Soul into a futuristic sonic realm with his laidback electronic beats. Having released on the likes of Futuristica Music and collaborated with Replife, Spinnerty, Deborah Jordan, Buscrates, Emanative & Jesse Futerman, his own music plays with subtle piano melodies, jazz bar vibes, and trippy atmospherics. Alongside a quickfire Q&A with the man below, you can check out Mecca 83's LP, Daybreak here.


...your secret talent?
I am both a man and able to cook. I make a mean Beef & Ale pie!

...your worst vice?
At the moment, smoking... but I'm trying to quit. I gave up drinking two years ago so it's the last one left!
…the story behind your name?
Mecca refers to New York as the "Mecca" or birthplace of Hip Hop & '83 is my year of birth. It's also a reference to old school graffiti names like 'StayHigh147'.

... your favourite sound?
The sound of George Duke playing Fender Rhodes piano.
...your worst fashion secret?
When I was 13, I combined a white Fila fleece with cream trousers and white trainers... can't believe I'm actually telling people this!
...your favourite website?
Probably I've always intended to try my hand at painting and visual art in general but I've never managed to find the time. This keeps me inspired... one day.
...your favourite label?
At the moment it's easily Joe Kay's Soulection label - some of the stuff they're putting out at the moment is just insane. Listening to Ta-Ku, ABJO & BMB keeps me pushing my boundaries. the top of your hit/shit list?
Hit: Anything piece of music ever by Pharoah Sanders
Shit: Techno. I fucking hate techno and I could care less if that offends anyone!

...are you listening to now?
Well, it's Dilla month so I'm getting pretty deep into Dilla beat tapes right now... that and the new Slakadeliqs LP.
How would you describe your work?
Quite mellow... sometimes jazzy, at other times a bit more electronic. My only focus really is to create music that makes people feel good. I don't really do 'dark' music!

What are you most excited about next?
2012 in general is one big experiment for me - I'm offering all my releases on a "name your price" basis and letting people choose whether to download for free or donate what they feel is appropriate. I'm really excited to see how this year works out!