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Young Magic Mixtape

Known for their trippy ambient soundscapes, the New York-based band make us a lush 'sonic scrapbook' of their favourite songs

If 'World Music' didn't bring to mind an image of smug WOMAD festival-goers, it's the description you'd use for Young Magic. Their mesmerising debut LP 'Melt' is the fruit of frontman Isaac Emmanel's travels through Mexico and Europe - a fusion of ambient psychscapes, West African rhythms and bloopy Scandinavian-style indiepop on album highlight 'You and I'.

On my shit list? DJ requests from coked out kids

Now based in New York alongside fellow band members Michael and Melati, Isaac answered our quickfire questions as they release their album and made Dazed Digital a 'sonic scrapbook' (that's a mixtape to you and me).


...Your secret talent?
Finger skateboarding

...Your worst vice?
Sleepwalkin’. And by that I mean never really sleeping.

...The movie you wish everyone knew about?
The Color Of Pomegranates.

...Your party trick?
Smokebombin’. Taking it downtown.

...Your favourite record to psych-out to?
Tago Mago. Too many memories.  

...Your favourite pair of shoes?
I like the time when the shoes come off. Always leads to a good thing.

...Your favourite website?

...Your worst fashion secret?
Parachute pants.

The best thing about where you're from?
The beaches, the rainforest and Yongs.

The best party you've ever been to?
I went to a party in a hole once in Neukölln. Actually it was more of a sewer/bomb shelter.

...Your animal spirit?
Dolphin Chameleon mash

...The best hairstyle?
Long on a glowing face.

...Your dream piece of band merch, given an unlimited budget?
Imagine Yayoi Kusama’s infinity room. Maybe a similar instillation.. except as an interactive phenomenon to be experienced one person at a time. You step into a pitch dark room with thousands of glowing stars. As you move through the space, your body triggers audio samples from signals emitted from the stars in the room. One sample or sound from the LP is dedicated to each of the hundreds of lights and respective signals, so as you move through the space they trigger sound and simultaneously create a piece of music that is entirely your own, shaped and performed. This experience is amplified and recorded, pressed to vinyl and sent to the participants home address one month later. Simple really.

...At the top of your shit list?
DJ requests from coked out kids.

...Are you listening to now?
Teebs - Collections 01

How would you describe your work?
Exploring. We hope you enjoy this collection of sounds. The mix is a definite headphone journey, downtown.

Young Magic - 'Maps' Tracklist:
1. The Enchanted Sea (Young Magic Trip) - Martin Denny
2. The Creator Has a Master Plan (Young Magic Trip) - Pharaoh Saunders
3. The Birds of Mt. Glorious (Sketch) - Young Magic
4. A Fancy Man (Young Magic Trip) – Ata Kak
5. Estrelar – (Young Magic Flip) – Marcos Valle
6. You With Air (galapagoose / Wooshie Remix) - Young Magic
7. Harping (Young Magic Trip) – Dorothy Ashby
8. Soul Clap Beat - Young Magic
9. Untitled Beat - Young Magic
10. Cobra (Sketch) - Young Magic
11. Bones - Young Magic
12. Wondering - Young Magic
13. Heavy to Wait (Sketch) Young Magic
14. Night In The Ocean (Young Magic Remix) - Young Magic
15. Braids - Young Magic
16. WHTE Owl - Young Magic Flip
17. Om Mane Padme Hum (Young Magic’s Abandoned Flip) - Prince Rama
18. Tio Macro (Young Magic Trip) - Dom Salvador
19. Secret Trip Outro

Text by Owen Myers