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Previously working with Little Dragon, Charlene Soraia and Appleblim, the anonymous artist is set to release his debut album and gives us a free track here

Currently attempting to remain anonymous under his 'Close' alias, the electronic producer is set to release his emotive forthcoming debut album entitled, 'Getting Closer'. Influenced by Detroit techno, Planet E and 4AD, he'll be releasing unique clips of his music on his site which will be updated daily. Having recently remixed the likes of Fink, Little Dragon and Scuba, he's also collaborated with techno/electronica pioneers like Scuba, Appleblim, and Ewan Pearson to girl vocalists like Charlene Soraia on his own productions. Download his remix of Fink's 'Perfect Darkness' HERE.


...your secret talent?
I can run really fast

...your worst vice?

Too much red wine and red meat which makes the above secret talent become less & less potent the older I get.

…the story behind your name?

My album 'Getting Closer' is full of collaborations with different producers (Scuba/Appleblim/Ewan Pearson/Fink/October/Tam Cooper) and vocalists (Charlene Soraia/Paul St.Hillaire/Joe Dukie from Fat Freddies Drop/Sebastian from Detachments) and I found that the process of collaboration bought me closer to all these people in a variety of different ways... My sound is intended to be soulful/intimate and detailed, with layers that reveal themselves on multiple listens so the name seemed to fit this concept/sound as well.

... your favourite sound?

Heavy rain on the roof when you're in bed with nothing to do on a Sunday morning… a distant memory for me as I have a three month old baby boy.

...your worst fashion secret?

I used to wear overtly baggy jeans as a teenager as a result of my love of all things hip hop. A terrible look for a skinny white guy.

...your favourite website? or when I have money to buy some clothes (they have lots of exclusive bits from labels that you can only find there). Sound Cloud is also a great tool.

...your favourite label?

Music - so many great labels that I love: Warp, Dial, Hotflush, Peacefrog, 4AD, Werkdiscs, Domino, Planet E, Motown, Young Turks, Spectral. Fashion – Wood Wood, Acne, YMC. the top of your wish list?

Yamaha CS 80 (the synth that Vangelis used to make the majority of the sound track to the movie Blade Runner – they cost tens of thousands of pounds and are rare as hens teeth)

...are you listening to now?

The new Kate Bush album currently and then I'm going to check out new EPs from Mathew Dear and Lapalux which are nestled in my downloads folder.

How would you describe your work?

'Futuristic dubdiscotechnopop' with flashes of soul and melody that harks back to the early days of Detroit (from Motown to Planet E).

What are you most excited about next?

Seeing my baby boy (I've been away from home for three days) and his mum. Beyond that I am excited (and terrified in equal measures) about developing the Close live show.