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Bobby Champs Exclusive Mix

The latest talent to join the Pictures Music crew sorts out a new mix for us to rep his varied electronic tastes

Having been snapped up by Pictures Music after sending over a few sample tracks earlier last year, Bobby Champs is the latest artist to be signed to the London based label set up by old school pals Alex Clapworthy and Matt Cheblek just over a year and a half ago. Showcasing an eclectic roster of electronic artists from Lapalux’s woozy, dream-beats, to Dark Sky’s murky thump-step, Bobby is the self styled ‘dark horse’ of the label, punctuating a fidgeting baseline with healthy stabs of acid house.

Having already drummed up support from the likes of Pangaea, Funkystepz and Mosca, Champs originally caught Matt and Alex’s ear after firing a couple of tracks in their general direction back in 2011 in an effort to get his foot in the door. Now firmly established as one of the family, Bobby intends to spend next few months honing his sound, building a solid back catalogue of tracks, before thinking about his official debut EP with Pictures, as we found out when we caught up with him earlier on this week. Download his exclusive mix here.

Dazed Digital: Tell us a little bit about working with Pictures Music: how did you get spotted, how has it been working with Alex and Matt so far, what have you been working on recently?
Bobby Champs: It all came about by chance really, I decided to send a few songs out mainly trying to get a bit of feedback and get played out by a few different people and suddenly I started getting some really great responses. I never really expected anything to get picked up on by Pictures, I just thought I'd stick my foot in the door and get my name recognised but then they came back saying they wanted to sign some tracks and its all been a bit of a roller coaster since then.

It's been really great working with these guys, they really know their music and the attention to detail they put into releases is really great. Its like a family here, they have really made me feel welcome, especially since I’m a bit of a dark horse on the label, music wise. At the moment I'm just really focusing on perfecting my sound and honing it all together from my influences and ideas, I’m just working on getting a solid back catalogue together.


… your earliest memory?

When I first heard the acid breakdown in Da Funk I knew music was going to shape my life forever.

… good for breakfast?

My favourite breakfast by far has to be eggs benedict. I have very expensive tastes.

… your worst vice?

Googling myself. Its a nasty habit.

… your secret talent?

I see sounds as colours, not really a talent but freaky none the less.

… favourite hobby?

Watching shows about and reading up on the universe.

… your favourite sound?

I've always loved the sound of glass breaking, like when you chuck bottles in a bottle bank. 

… the world coming to?

Lord knows but it needs to get sorted soon before its too late.

How …

… would you describe your music?

Percussive, hypnotic, driving techno.