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White Car Exclusive Mix

The experimental EBM influenced duo throw in the likes of LFO, Underground Resistance and Sweet Exorcist in an exclusive mix for Dazed

Arriving as the first release of the year on cult record label, Hippos In Tanks, who brought you Hype Williams, Gatekeeper and Laurel Halo - the new album 'Everyday Grace' is the latest endeavour from experimental duo White Car. The new project from Chicago's Elon Katz and Orion Martin is an electronic concoction of their influences from Industrial, classic Chicago house, and post-punk elements, in the form of heartfelt dedications to The Terminator's John Connor, and past releases on Rainbow Body and Catholic Tapes.

I'd rather not name any names or point any fingers, I'd have to use my toes. Let's just say I have little faith in contemporary music...

Recorded in Katz's home studio in what he calls 'The Techno Dungeon', the new album out this February consists mostly of heavy synthesizers, drum machines, and layered samples. Hre they make us an eclectic mix of acid, full on IDM, and electronica.


...your secret talent?
My forehand in table tennis.

...your worst vice?

Instant access and PT Cruisers.

…the story behind your name?

The idea of new vehicle to pursue one's ideas. A vessel for velocity.

... your favourite sound?
The timbres of slime, ooze and other assorted viscus substances. The sound of boots in fresh snow on an empty street. A dry erase marker dragged across a whiteboard with decent pressure applied.

...your worst fashion secret?

I dress like a stoned redneck who lives on the river.

...your favourite website?

...your favourite label?

I don't really have favorites - it's dangerous. One label I really like is ZYX Records - I buy almost any 90's twelve inch I find from this label, it's always a surprise and less than 2 dollars. Here is the last one I found, it has an amazing video: the top of your hit/shit list?

I'd rather not name any names or point any fingers, I'd have to use my toes. Let's just say I have little faith in contemporary music...

...are you listening to now?

Kool Keith's "Sex Style" LP

How would you describe your work?

"Electronic Body & Soul"

What are you most excited about next?

The "Now We Continue" video… directed by Body Pressure with 3D animations from Sua Yoo, my other project Streetwalker will release a debut LP on the Minimal Wave imprint Cititrax and an 'Elon Katz' LP on Public Information.


Chris Clark - Fossil Paste (The Rock WC Edit)
AR D2 - Inside the Rock
Christopher and Vas Deferens Organisation - Untitled One (Excerpt)
LFO - Shut Down
Death in June - Rain of Despair
Underground Resistance - Afrogermanic
The Other Peoples Place - You Said You Want Me
Sweet Exorcist - Jack Jack
The Klinik - Hours And Hours
Skinny Puppy - Love
Tones on Tail - Rain

Out February 28th