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Caged Animals Video Premiere

Experience the amazing new video by Jamie Harley brimming with lush colours and many a boob, pieced from vintage Japanese film footage for the Brooklyn band's new single

Taken under the capable wing of indie label, Lucky Number (home to Darwin Deez, Sebastien Tellier, and Friends), Brooklyn's Caged Animals aka Vincent Cacchione released a tape-only LP for his otherworldly home-recorded pop songs back in 2010. Since having gained three members, Caged Animals tackle emotional and personal topics in their feel-good, laidback style in tracks like their new single: 'All The Beautiful Things in the World'. See the unabashedly boob-centric video for it here, created by cult found filmmaker/visual artist Jamie Harley.

Dazed Digital: How would you describe your new record to a deaf person?
Caged Animals:
It's a bit like a collage, there are many images inside of it, but ultimately we're not using photos, we're using paint. Max Ernst's "The Elephant Celebes," is not a bad starting place for how the record might look on canvas. We've got all these vignettes from the last 60 or so years of pop music, but instead of taking these moments and gluing them down "as is," each little vision comes half-disintegrated, half-morphed, half-remembered, and melts with the next.  

This was a really deliberate move. I'm not a big fan of the grab and go mentality when it comes to writing music. I can't fully get behind artists who own a few cool records in a particular style, take the most obvious signifiers, and throw them into the grid. That stuff sounds good for a minute but ultimately feels forgettable and doesn't contribute much to the dialogue. It is much more interesting to see what the mind will spit up unconsciously and that's exactly the kind of record Eat Their Own is.

It's definitely not an album you'll understand well on a surface listen and there aren't 140 characters to describe it. The sounds are layered and come from different landscapes, but there is ultimately a very human emotion underneath, you just have to be willing to walk through the forest a bit to find it.

DD: What's been the best moment of the group so far?
Caged Animals: When we found out we were going to Iceland to play Airwaves we had a serious That Thing You Do moment.

DD: What is your favourite bit of this new video?
Caged Animals: I was really happy when Jamie wrote me and said he had done a video, I've been a fan of his for a couple of years. I think the video he's done for us is perhaps his best. I'm in love with the tone of the colours in general but my favourite part is the swimming scene that happens during the introductory guitar solo. It's breathtaking.

DD: What are you most looking forward to right now?
Caged Animals: I'm really looking forward to our first trip to Austin for SXSW!