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Regal Safari

The electronic musicians making lush trippy beats from Brighton chat to us after supporting Teengirl Fantasy this 2012

Brighton-based electronic duo, Regal Safari, having recently been remixed by Egyptian Hip Hop, are back with their trippy new EP - fusing delayed synths and echoing vocals overlapped with slowed-down drum patterns. With a stunning remix from Sun Glitters, this follow-up to their debut EP last year has proved Regal Safari are truly honing their introverted take on electronica. Having stepped off a tour with Teengirl Fantasy recently, Guy Etienne and Sean Galt speak to us about their atmospheric laidback melodies and current musical loves...


...your secret talent?
It only happened once - telepathically ending the life of a wasp.

...your worst vice?

Wanting to reproduce other tracks to our own taste.

…the story behind your name?

Enigmatic discussion on the worst venue in London.

... your favourite sound?

That depends on whether the sound is generated by electronic signals or concrete sources. We use both. The styles are polar - from the way sounds are conceived down to the nature of how you hear them.

...your worst fashion secret?

We wear double denim.

...your favourite website?

We are quite fond of The Twitter.

...your favourite label?

Hippos In Tanks have been putting out some good records recently. RVNG Intl put David Borden, James Ferraro, Samuel Godin, Laurel Halo and Dan Lopatin in a studio for two days and that proved fucking amazing. the top of your hit list?

Yoo Doo Right - Can
First Movement, Symphony No. 1 - Glenn Branca
Love French Better - Gold Zebra
Beachy Head - Gatto Fritto
Leave It - The Field

...are you listening to now?

Still hooked on Oneohtrix Point Never's new album, very beautiful. He has a method that builds an uncompromising bridge between warmth and cold. But otherwise recently we've been listening a lot to Cluster & Eno's album.

How would you describe your work?