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Cool Rainbows

The new project from ex-Trees Climbing Trees front man Djeisan Suskov distills the essence of summer into melodic pop

Hailing from Auckland, New Zealand, Cool Rainbows trade in the sounds of a never-ending summer. Lead by former Trees Climbing Trees front man Djeisan Suskov, the band are preparing to release their debut album Whale Rocket on Lil Chief Records.
Signed in March of last year it has been a long but worthwhile wait to hear the first result of Suskov’s latest project. This comes in the form of single ‘Southern Summer Sun’. The track has an ethereal quality - layered guitars and delicate percussion leaving room for the vocals to flourish– that is complemented by the dream like feel of the accompanying video that captures the timelessness of Cool Rainbow’s melodic sounds. The single is out now as a pay-as-you-like download and is hopefully soon to be followed by the band’s first full-length release once Suskov has added the finishing touches to it in the studio.

...your secret talent?

 I can whip up a pretty decent frittata when i get the portions right

...your worst vice?
 I feel like if i go to sleep I might miss out on something.. so I don't sleep enough sometimes.

…the story behind your name?
 It's two words that seemed like fun together. Also my family is very multicultural so that may have something to do with it

... your favourite sound?
The sound of my two month old baby girls happy voice.. she just learnt how to laugh today no foolin.

...your worst fashion secret?
Gotta be my extra extra large pink pyjama pants with white stripes that i sport around home in pretty much all the time... maximum comfort

...your favourite website?, under the radar and einstein music journal are cool local sites.. i guess facey but only because friends keep posting amazingly funny animal pics or somebody with cool slippers

...your favourite label?
Theres just so many but two of my fav local labels would be Lil chief records and Flying nun. the top of your wish list?
Hmm maybe a sandwich named after the band.. hate to think what would be in it though with a name like ours... maybe a rainbow icecream sandwich? that would actually be pretty sweet

...are you listening to now?
Edmund Cake, Princess Chelsea, Wet Wings and heaps of lil chief stuff. Also Maccartney II and the semi recent David Kilgour/Sam Hunt collab album

How would you describe your work?
 A bunch of close friends and me enjoying ourselves making music. Sometimes just me staying up too late.

What's next?
Our debut album will be out early next year and we hope to have fun touring new places.

Cool Rainbows - Southern Summer Sun from AdF / Newfoundland Tack on Vimeo.

Text by George Cottrell