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FOE Video Premiere: Tyrant Song

The 21-year-old wig-wearing grunge girl debuts her first album fusing DIY ethics with dark 90s pop influences and a new music video

Inspired by the likes of Nirvana and PJ Harvey, 21-year-old art school dropout and all-round grunge grrrl Hannah Clark, aka FOE, known for her brightly coloured wigs is set to release her debut album, ‘Bad Dream Hotline’ on 16th January via Vertigo Records. Fusing DIY 90s pop-rock influences with her dark dream-pop vibes, her single ‘Bad Dream Hotline’, produced by Entrepreneurs is a perfect example of her twisted fairy tale songs.

The video for her new track, ‘Tyrant Song’, as debuted here features heavy-duty vocals wrapped around distorted guitars and organs. Besides supporting the likes of Ghostpoet, Metronomy, and Kap Bambino, Clark has also found time to produce limited edition fanzines, featuring characters from the album; where 'The Deep Water Heartbreaker' and 'Handsome Stranger' are brought to life on the pages of her zines.

Dazed Digital: How much do you think the idea of 'youth' is an influence on your music? And will your music change as you get older then?
I think it definitely is in terms of my current age and my knowledge of things and the world. I think my music will definitely change as I get older, learn more, and inevitably change myself. Being a bit of a recluse, I don't feel particularly in touch with my own generation, so to be honest I'm not sure how much young people really influence me. I'm more inspired by the older and wiser.

DD: What was it about the 90s that appeals to you most as an aesthetic?
The Spice Girls

DD: What's the story behind the name?
It kind of just popped into my head one day, I can't remember what I was thinking at the time, but I must have been feeling particularly lonely. It's supposed to be Foe as in nobody's friend. I put most of my effort into my music, like it is my only companion.

DD: What was it like writing your first album?
Kind of weird. It's a very precious thing, so I tortured myself over it a lot. I had already written some of the songs before I knew I was releasing an album, so once I started writing with my album in my mind, I did over think things sometimes. Eventually I got over my sort of mental battle and it was fine. I couldn't be more pleased with it now.

DD: What are you listening to now?
Recently I've been listening to a lot of Beck, in particular Odelay, and to Dusty Springfield on tape when I do the washing up.

DD: What are you most excited about next?
Releasing my album and getting on the road. I love touring, it's like living outside of reality.