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The new Swedish band created from a former member of Radio Dept release their new album inspired by their travels and Samoan Catholic choirs

Made up of Daniel Tjader from iconic band, The Radio Dept. and Marcus Joons, Korallreven - the Swedish duo who recently released their singles 'The Truest Faith' and 'Honey Mine,' gracing labels like Acephale finally launched their much-awaited debut album simply entitled, 'An Album By Korallreven'. Drawing influences from Joons' travels to Samoa, where he found inspiration in the local Catholic choirs, the album features a host of collaborators including Victoria Bergsman (of Taken By Trees, The Concretes) and Julianna Barwick joining the two. Here we speak to Joons and Tjader about their burgeoning love of UK Rave and tie-dying.


...your secret talent?

...your worst vice?

Falling asleep in churchyards.

…the story behind your name?
It means coral reefs in Swedish and we are called that because they are beautiful, sharp and threatened.

... your favourite sound?
The siren that was often used in classic UK rave songs around 1989-91. It always sounded like it was buried in a deep fog, a bit far away, and it always makes you want to dance closer, just a little closer, so that you almost could touch the sound.

...your worst fashion secret?
Maybe when we used to tie-dye things darker - jeans, jacket, Marcus' hair. Everything looks so much better when bleached - except skin.

...your favourite website? - Just so fun to work with someone who has such a great heart, mind and is sooooo hilarious!

...your favourite label?

Don’t care as long as it's a little baggy. the top of your hit/shit list?
We’re pretty tired of hate. Actually, we hate to hate. Anyhow, on our hit-list is America. Always America. We just love that country, that continent, that dream, so deeply because it seems so familiar and strange at the same time. It’s like an endless twilight zone.

...are you listening to now?
UK rave, some new stuff inspired by UK rave and some dancehall mixtapes that Marcus brought home from Jamaica several months ago. We'll see what we can make out of these.

How would you describe your work?
Where the wildest dreams comes true.

What are you most excited about next?
We just did our very first shows and at some times everything - the music, the audience, the atmosphere - made us fall into a trance. Looking forward to experience this again and again and again in 2012. And we can’t wait to start recording new stuff. Hopefully people will continue to be surprised. That’s the best feeling when it comes to music, we think. That, and feeling of yearning for something else, something that is just around the corner or just outside your mind.

Photo by Lucy Bridger