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Night Angles

As Tim Eve and Laurence Horstman launch new EP ‘Aerodyamour’, we ask them about life's all essential matters

Focusing on a dark disco-tinged dancefloor tip, Night Angles (made up of London-based musician Tim Eve and as of recently, his live collaborator Laurence Horstman) combines the former’s wide-ranging musical influences from Chicago house to David Bowie’s Berlin years and the likes of Vangelis – as well as his personal love for the nostalgic properties of his other creative interest, photography.

Using built-in laptop mics and whatever was available to them, Night Angles’ debut EP ‘Aerodyamour’ on Swedish label Majeure is the first offering of Eve’s knack for fusing engaging pop melodies and electronic beats. Having already remixed the likes of Metronomy, Real Fur, D/R/U/G/S, and Clock Opera, deftly applying catchy ‘space-age disco’ sounds, Eve and Horstman will be playing tonight at East London’s The Macbeth.


... Your secret talent?

 I can throw things quite far. 

... your favourite sound?
Rain, and The Sea at night.
… the story behind your name?
It came about after a discussion with my sister, I can't really remember the details but we had a few ideas and Night Angles seemed to fit the best. It needed to be something simple that suggested the sort of visual things I was thinking of.
... your worst fashion secret?
Film T-shirts, especially where some but not all characters are animated.
... your worst vice?
Salty snacks.
... your favourite website?
... your favourite label?
Stones Throw is diversely brilliant, Clone and their Royal Oak imprint have been putting out some really good stuff of late and Trax.
... the best thing about where you're from?
The river.
... at the top of your shit list?
Dust, and People who argue with strangers in shops...
... are you listening to now?
Deep Space Orchestra
How would you describe your work?
Machine music with a human heart. Or like a good friend of Steven Spielberg thats been lost in a big forest for a long time.

Night Angles play The Macbeth, London on Tuesday 13th December.