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Maxxi Soundsystem

With his 'Make Or Break' EP out today, we chatted to the young producer about his favourite sound and coats with removable sleeves

Brighton-based producer Maxxi Soundsystem known for his classic house vocals and catchy grooves moves between elements of genres from Chicago house to disco and RnB influences. Now set to release his first EP on UK-based label Needwant, ‘Make Or Break’, his new track's epic synths wrap around a typical house vocal and fetching groove - before moving on to a garage bassline for his second track and ending on a funk tip.

His 2010 club hit ‘Criticize’ out on Kojak Giant Sounds first shot him into the limelight, and led to a string of high profile remixes including those of The 2 Bears and Hercules and Love Affair. Next year sees an upcoming release on Jamie Jones’ & Lee Foss' Hot Waves imprint and remix for Bonar Bradberry on Needwant.


... your secret talent?
I can make a restaurant quality snack at 4am only using the stuff my girlfriend left in the fridge.

... your worst vice?

 … the story behind your name?
 It was a club night started between me and my friend Neal - we were inspired by all the extended 12s we were playing at the time (they were often called MAXI mixes in the 70s and 80s) - when the party run it's course (we had decks on the beach in Brighton outside - the weather wasn't kind) the name got used for production stuff.

... your favourite sound?
The noise my cat Alan makes. It's kind of the sound and old lady might make when picking up some heavy shopping.

... your favourite label?
That's tough I can think of about 10 - the one that springs to mind right now is Wolf Music. Not just due to the great music but because it's run purely on passion and the guys behind it are fully integrated with their artists. I'm sure other labels can claim this too but I as I've come in to contact with them I now know for sure they would never compromise their integrity - they have knocked back some artists which other labels would've bitten an arm or possibly a leg off for.

... your worst fashion secret?
I used to have a coat with removable sleeves so it would double up as a body warmer.
... your favourite website? - I love movie posters!
... the best thing about where you're from?
Hastings is a working fishing town so certain pubs were allowed to stay open all night so they could serve drinks to the fisherman who are also nocturnal. Effectively this meant we had 24hr drinking in the 90s - as long as you didn't mind the smell of mackerel.

... at the top of your shit list?
Whoever invented LinkedIn.

...are you listening to now?
Some new stuff Jim from Crazy P sent me.
... a track everyone should hear?
Harry Thumann - Sphinx

How would you describe your work?
Accidental music for parties!