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Dazed x River Island: Dam Mantle, Rustie, Nightwave

Dazed and the high street store collaborate on a series of live music events across the UK with sets from the likes of Dam Mantle, Rustie and Nightwave

This December, Dazed teamed up with high street clothing store River Island, putting on one-off events across the UK, first hitting Bristol at Basement 45, before Glasgow's SWG3. With a limited guest list each night, Dazed gave away an exclusive 20 tickets for each party, where local fans and music lovers could join in the festivities. Bristol's instalment saw sets from the likes of Rustie (Warp), Svetlana Industries' Nightwave, The Kelly Twins, and PMR's Javeon McCarthy (known for his vocals for Julio Bashmore) headlining, whilst Dam Mantle performed a stunning live set with support from Simply Richard of the Numbers label.

Visuals came in the form of a live VJ set courtesy of Glaswegian musicians / visual artists Konx-Om-Pax (who recently created the artwork for Rustie's 'Bad Science' LP and Hudson Mohawke's 'Joy Fantastic'), whilst artist Margot Bowman (Topshop, AnOther Magazine) worked on set design - setting up giant inflatable bananas and monkeys swinging from strobelights and glaring animated GIFs galore for added jungle vibes.

Film by Santiago A