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TEETH Mixtape

An exclusive dreamy mix from the chaotic dance punk trio, fulminating out of the East London DIY scene in high speed

TEETH - aka Ximon Tayki, Simon Whybray and Veronica So - who just released their album through Moshi Moshi - create a sound that's a charming culture clash of technology and futurology alongside fashion. TEETH are currently experimenting to polish their ever intense home recordings to a more shiny take, preparing for an American tour. We spoke with Veronica So about her personal passions and why you sometimes just need lots of LED and strobe lights.

Dazed Digital: How did you structured and clashed the mix tape for Dazed?
Veronica So:
It's in internet surfing order..

DD: Do you have any dream collaborators in your life?
Veronica So:
We want Luc Besson to direct our feature film, Martin Cole for visuals, Manish Arora for stage costumes and Throbbing Gristle or The Dream for the music.

DD: How do you feel your own sound has changed or progressed over time?
Veronica So:
For our album 'Whatever', we worked with dance producer DREAMTRAK to polish our sound. We used to practice and record in the Dalston Lane queer squats so the sound is shiny, heavy and dreamy rather than skronky and acidic like our home recordings. Both are good though, they are made for different purposes.

DD: You played at the "Moment 1" party at Central Saint Martins. Did you plan for anything special?
Veronica So:
At "Moment 1" my parents saw me perform for the first time so I ended up really trying to put on a good show! Lots of LED, strobe lights and hired our friend Patrick Constable from Selfish Cunt to do our sound.

DD: Who/what are you listening to at the moment?
Veronica So:
Sneaker Pimps' Becoming X album, Teams, House of Ladosha!!!

DD: Where did you guys meet and how did the heartbreak romance TEETH start?
Veronica So:
I met Ximon in the Ghetto cloakroom, our drummer Simon found us on MySpace. We're actually a very unlikely combination of people with very different backgrounds who got together in a shitty basement and started making fun, weird music. We've played a million shows and we always have a good time, that's why we've stayed together. Hopefully we can do that until we've traveled the whole world and live off our hit singles.

DD: You are doing your own zine, how do you bust this together and how did this come along?
Veronica So:
I started making L_A_N in my last year at Central Saint Martins and fell in love with technology and futurology alongside fashion. I wanted to make a fashion magazine in a DIY style, using the internet as the sole research and communications tool to discover new art and invention. After I graduated, I worked in trend forecasting for a while but decided to raise the money (via Kickstarter) to pursue L_A_N full time,  it's my personal passion and I'm constantly meeting new people on the internet to collaborate with. I will be working on the new issue in December so look out for that!

DD: What are you most excited about next?
Veronica So:
Writing our next EP and touring America!

Text by Alexandra Plesner
Photos by Ellis Scott