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The Road To Nowhere

The new unique festival experience arrives in the UK this winter for a currency-less venture of music, art and film

Inspired by the world-famous legendary art and music festival out in the desert, Burning Man, comes a new musical venture set to land in the UK. With the next event on 2 December, The Road to Nowhere, is a new immersive experience, set out as a labyrinth of sound and art working on the ideals of having a currency-less environment for like-minded punters. The first evening will feature music, art and film, where the 'Labyrinth' will work as an introduction to a new concept set to evolve in Summer 2012. Here we speak to the RTN team behind the venture, who tell us about their unique ethic.

Dazed Digital: What do you think makes Burning Man so special, and is this something that can be translated elsewhere?
RTN Collective: The thing that makes it so unique is that no boundaries exist, everyone can contribute whatever they wish and they do so at their own cost and without incentive. There is no use of currency on site which creates a genuine community with a strong sense of giving and sharing. This has forged a microcosm of the world and Burning Man becomes whatever you make of it. It is a combination of everyone's imagination.

We are replicating the no currency concept and forming a cooperative to stage our own translation in the Road To Nowhere festivals in August 2012. Within this we will also have no hierarchy which we feel is an important aspect that takes away from many similar existing events. Our aim is to add some new ideas to the way things work right now. It feels like there is a shift towards more creativity in festivals which we are certainly also pushing for, but we're also aiming to engage a likeminded audience who value and contribute towards the experience itself.  

DD: Why do you think this concept will work in the UK?
RTN Collective: We are staging sporadic themed events around London and other places right now (we had an event in Ibiza and at Glastonbury this summer) but the festival itself won't be in London. Tickets for this will go on sale in a few weeks and the location itself will be revealed in the new year but we can say its a very special place.

DD: What's the story behind the name for the fest?
RTN Collective: The legendary David Byrne and Talking Heads was our inspiration. Road To Nowhere on the surface may seem to some as a negative connotation but if you listen to the lyrics it talks about looking at a positive future.

DD: Who are you hoping to attract with the idea?
RTN Collective: Free spirits and creatives of all ages. Anyone with a sense of adventure and a big imagination. Those who like to break the rules but maintain a social conscience... Maybe one day even David Byrne?

DD: Where do you want the project to go?
RTN Collective: That's the best part. It's always a mystery to us all.

DD: What's the next step now?
RTN Collective: Our next event on 2nd December is free entry. We are creating a labyrinth in a vast space in Shoreditch. Each room is a new sensual and interactive experience featuring the worlds of Alice In Wonderland, a laser heist, an infinity disco and even a gameshow. Conceptual installations from Marc Owens Mosaics from Music from various DJs and live acoustic sessions from Warren Cahill and many more surprises. Expected the unexpected!

Free party 2nd December at Gasworks East, 1st Floor, 29-32 The Oval, E2 9DY, London. Follow Road to Nowhere for updates on Twitter HERE.