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Sacred Animals

The one-man producer's new single released on Delphi arrives as a collaboration with Owensie and a lush video by Brendan Canty of Feel Good Lost

Sacred Animals' most recent release, "Cat and Mouse," is a collaboration in more ways than one - a song created with fellow Irish artist, Owensie, and its corresponding video made by Brendan Canty of Feel Good Lost. While the tune's digital release on Bandcamp strays from earlier physical or limited distribution, its sound continues the darkly ambient and intricate nature of his earlier music, matched by a visually hallucinogenic, evocative video of blurred colors, people, and animals. Released on Delphi, the song precedes an eventual forthcoming LP, expected to have the emotional brilliance that Darragh Nolan, the man behind it all, is quickly becoming known for. Here Nolan reveals the most sacred of animals and his wide range of musical and otherwise influences…


...your secret talent?
I'm probably the worst person at doing accents ever, so I'm secretly great at doing bad accents.

...your worst vice?
Vinyl, cassettes, anything ltd edition, handmade or short run. It's how we did our first couple of releases...

... your favourite sound?
It has to be the sea, I live close by & try make it down as much as possible, deep breaths for the soul.

...your favourite website?
Bandcamp, for changing the way we release & share music.

...the story behind your name?
I came up with the name while recording the first couple of tracks, The words 'Scared' & 'Animals' had been mulling round my head as lyrics & being somewhat dyslexic it changed to 'Sacred Animals'. It just fit I guess but it's also a little poke at how musicians are idolised for their art & performance.

...the most sacred of animals?

...your worst fashion secret?
Once I find something I like I'll buy 3 or 4 of the same thing...

...the best thing about where you're from?
It's quiet, peaceful & by the sea. the top of your shit list?
Time vampires.

... top of your wish list?
A genie in a lamp that will grant all software, synthesizer & electric piano desires.

...are you listening to now?
OneOhTrix Point Never, Balam Acab, Three Fields, Noah Wall, Porcelain Raft, Red Alder, Cocteau Twins.

How would you describe your work?
The sound of attempting to grasp the ungraspable.