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Headman Video Premiere: Be Loved

The Swiss DJ/producer returns with a new single taking his past funk and disco tinged sounds in a new direction

Over the last decade, Swiss DJ and producer Robi Insinna has long lived up to the hype from within the disco scene under his successful alter ego, Headman. From the depths of his Berlin studio, he has pushed the genre beyond past stereotypes with a new and unique sound. His own label, Relish Recordings, supports new talents from all over the continent, from Helsinki duo Hannulelauri to the Italian Franz & Shape.

Since the release of his critically acclaimed debut album, 'It Rough', on German label Gomma Records, Headman has since built up a discography that reads as a who's who of the music industry... The Rapture, Soulwax and Beta Band’s Steve Mason have all collaborated with him in the past. Surprisingly he also had time for a parallel project, Manhead, that includes all his other influences that didn't appear on his previous work...

Dazed Digital: What are you working on at the moment? And how does has it progressed/changed from your previous productions?
I'm working on the next few Relish releases. There will also be another Remix by Richard Fearless / Death in Vegas from this single. Then there will be a very small run of vinyl coming from the Relish 3 Compilation that just came out and the "Be Loved" single as well. I just done a Remix for the Classic Unknown Cases "Masimbabele" and there is maybe another remix I will do. Production-wise I try to improve all the time. Sound-wise I'm very analogue and try to sound retro, but at the same time I want to create Modern Music. Take the best from the past and make it contemporary.

DD: You've worked with the likes of Horst Diekgerdes for your videos before, do you have any more dream collaborators in your life?
Horst is a Friend and I thought it could be a very good idea to have him shoot the Video with Dieter Meier from Yello. Working with Horst and Dieter was already a very nice experience. I was quite lucky so far, I worked with many people I liked or inspired my work. Liquid Liquid, The Units and A Certain Ratio and I remixed Roxy Music's Virginia Plain. A dream collaboration for me would be to work with David Byrne, David Bowie and Brian Eno. I already worked with one half of Yello so hopefully i can also work one day with the other half. A collaboration with Yello would indeed be something very special.

DD: What is your new video about?
It does not really have a meaning as such. I don't like it so much when Videos are too serious and try to tell something. For me it's more like an Art Video - just images I filmed while I was at a party in the Swiss countryside. I thought the images speak for themselves. I wanted the Video to be very tasteful and abstract at the same time. Especially when the Slow Motion bits come in, that tension is great. also the colours moving all the time and it's so many small details happening in the Video.

DD: What are you most excited about next?
I'm actually very excited about my new single. I'm also producing new Art works. I have just done a series of screen prints and I'm working on more Videos. I'm also starting to plan my new album, but that will take a while… in the meantime I’m involved with another Project on Relish.

Text by Hector Llanos Martinez