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Satellite Voices Round Up: Music

Dazed’s new cultural platform breaking fresh talent from around the world

Satellite Voices champions creative cultural provocateurs from around the globe that deserve the rest of the world’s attention. This new cultural platform - led by independent city editors from Tokyo, Paris, Moscow, Rome, Munich, Dubai, Shanghai and Santiago, highlights the month’s best stories across fashion, music, art, film, photography and culture, and is brought to you by Dazed and Swatch. Here are our top four Music picks from this month...

Munich: Bob Beaman

Over the past year, Munich’s nightlife has been changed for the better. And there’s one club that can be held responsible as one of the lynchpins and Satellite Voices regular. Taking over a new area - in and around Prinzregenten Street - Bob Beaman and its creative and musical director David Muallem have put good music and good sound at the forefront of their hometown heroes approach, with epic programming including the likes of Thomas Herb and the Compost Blacklabel Sessions, Munich hustler DJ Sascha Sibler and veteran DJ and author, Mirko Hecktor. Bob Beaman recently celebrated their first year anniversary and for Satellite Voices, the notorious local nightlife photographer August Castell-Castell got down.Mjunik Disco

Paris: Housse De Racket

Kitsune’s chic pop Francais duo of Pierre Leroux and Victor Le Masne have a pretty illustrious background that leads up to their brilliant new album, Alesia. From being session musicians with Air and Phoenix as well as the touring band for Chilly Gonzales, you can be assured their chops are ready, all fortified by their debut album, Forty Love. However for Alesia, Housse De Racket added French electronic royalty from La Funk Mob, Motorbass and Cassius Philippe Zdar to the team as the record’s certified producer. “On Alesia we tried to have a futuristic sound, a bit apocalyptic too,” explain the boys. “A lot of reverb and epic chords progression. Maybe our vision of a new wave.”

Tokyo: Nisennenmondai

This all-girl, experimental, instrumental Japanese noise trio tick all the boxes. Meeting in college in 1999 and taking their name from the term deployed for the tech apocalypse of 2000, Zaikawa (bass), Himeno (drums) and Takada (guitar) are the ultimate embodiment of the Japanese term, “kakko-kawaii” - unbelievably cool and cute. Rhythmic, hypnotic, Kraut-inspired epicness works too. They’ve toured the world over and have recently been chosen by Battles to play at this December’s ATP Nightmare Before Christmas at Butlins.

Rome: Alessandro Adriani of Mannequin Records

Inspired by the likes of Factory and 4AD but with a more dark wave, industrial 80s synth lean, Alessandro Adriani’s Mannequin Records is one of Rome’s most intriguing imprints. With an ambition to unearth the most obscure counter culture bands throughout the ages, back in 2008 Adriani curated Danza Meccanica - Italian Synth Wave 1982-1987 to cult acclaim. He recently put together the first edition of the Mannequin Festival, a whole night dedicated to the label with artists including the European debut of Tropic Of Cancer, alongside Die Selektion and Mushy.

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