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Svetlana Industries and Well Rounded go back to back at London's Rhythm Factory tonight

Tonight, Friday 4 November, Serbian-born label Svetlana Industries will be going head to head with Well Rounded for a night of electronic japes at London's Rhythm Factory. In the Well Rounded corner will be NMBRS' Deadboy, Spatial, Gongon, and label head Donga; whilst repping Svetlana will be BNJMN (Rush Hour), Brey, new signing Microburst, label founder Thunderloops and Andrea3000, with long-time friend of the label, Kelpe in support. Having released the likes of Teebs and Nightwave with remixes from Zomby and Ramadanman, the label's diverse releases celebrate all things leftfield and experimental with upcoming numbers from Polyklinik and 1000names - who we speak to here about what they do and what to expect...

...your secret talent?

To act like a mother in front of people

…the story behind your name?

Nikko is a painter, Margo is a drummer and the opposite of a painter. It comes from an installation of Anish Kapoor which inspired us.

... your favourite sound?

Now more and more to mellow music without definitions... music for listening to

...your worst fashion secret?

Fat stomach behind tiny shirt

...your favourite website?

... good for breakfast?

Fruity juice from carrots, cereal, seeds, apples and a glass of sunshine

...the best thing about where you're from?

The weather with a lot of sunny days the top of your shit list?

The Wall Street Journal

...are you listening to now?

We’re not listening anymore

How would you describe your work?

Chaos, always on move

Svetlana Industries vs Well Rounded Records; The Rhythm Factory, London; 9pm - 6am.