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Previously known for their layered electronic jams, the New York-based band will be moving onto acoustic pastures new with their EP on Lo Bit Landscapes

The latest artists to land on the Brooklyn-via-Berlin Lo Bit Landscapes imprint is the New York based outfit, nihiti, returning with their new EP, 'Faced With Splendour' - produced by TJ Lipple of Aloha. A fairly surprising departure from their past psychedelic sound, the new EP presents an introduction of more acoustic elements, revealing nihiti's hidden expertise in simple songwriting. The release will be followed by a new full length LP due out in Spring 2012, which will see a return to their full electronic set up as they tour Europe and The US.


...your secret talent?
Destroying planets.
...your worst vice?

Wouldn't want that made public.
…the story behind your name?

An older Japanese woman, the mother of a girl I was seeing, asked her daughter だれはニヒチ? (who is the nihiti?)
... your favourite sound?

...your worst fashion secret?
Wearing black is helpful when you don't like to shave too often.
...your favourite website?
...the best thing about where you're from?
High energy levels. the top of your shit list?
People who talk about what they will do instead of doing it.
...are you listening to now?
Belong - Common Era, Maeror Tri - The Beauty of Sadness, and a lot of Muslimgauze.
How would you describe your work?
High fidelity audio experience.