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Clouded Vision: Bozzwell

We speak to the head honcho of the record label Matt Walsh who talks about releasing the new Bozzwell EP and what he's been listening to

After years of DJing and working on productions together with the likes of Hypercolour's Alex Jones or Steve Cook to form 'Clouded Vision' famed for their releases on Turbo Recordings, London-based producer/DJ Matt Walsh started his label also called Clouded Vision Recordings after he first started producing alone. The label first kicked off with a release from Parisian duo Darabi, with a remix from Bozzwell who now returns with his own EP on the imprint.

Making music for almost 20 years now - from white label rave releases plus vocal work for chart topping act ‘All Seeing I’ to his recordings as Hiem, he's graced labels such as Crosstown Rebels and Eskimo throughout the last two decades. His new track ‘Ambition’ is an electro-tinged piece that fuses dark synths with his own distinctive vocals, accompanied by remixes from Toronto three-piece My Favorite Robot, Paris' Maxime Iko to Don’t be Afraid's label boss Semtek. Here we speak to label boss Walsh about the label's progress since their first release in Spring 2011...

Dazed Digital: Where did the name Clouded Vision first come from / why did you decide it also worked for the new project?
Matt Walsh:
Myself and Steve came up with it when we made our first track together about 5 years ago. I wanted to call us "Cow Head Vision" and he misheard me and said "Clouded Vision, that's pretty good mate". I never corrected him. As you can tell I'm not very good at making up names, so I just called the label the same thing.

DD: How would you describe the label in 5 words or less?
Matt Walsh:
Borderline records for crate diggers.

DD: What is your favourite thing about Bozzwell?
Matt Walsh: Onstage with Hiem he wears a full face of make up.

DD: Who/what are you listening to right now?
Matt Walsh: The Peaking Lights LP, Micky Moonlight's new LP, Fake Left's new EP on iS Records and some great new demos I'm gonna sign from Remain and Semtek.

DD: Are you working on any productions yourself atm?
Matt Walsh: Yeah, I have a collaboration project with French Producer, Zhao. We just did a remix on MEANT Records and also have an EP forthcoming on Kill The DJ next year.

DD: What are you most excited for in 2012?
Matt Walsh: Spurs to win the League.

Bozzwell’s ‘Ambition’ is released on Clouded Vision on December 19th 2011