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BIGkids Video Premiere: Drum In Your Chest

As well as giving us a peek at their new video, the London-based music collective tell us more about themselves

The boy and girl duo BIGkids hailing from Camden bring you sing-a-long feelgood songs, featuring DIY beats and plenty of sax. Dazed here presents their new video here for their debut single, 'Drum In Your Chest', while also talking us through what's at the top of their shit list and what their relationship is with mini cheddars...


...your secret talent?
Making things sound better for being a bit out of tune or out of time
...your worst vice?

Mini Cheddars.

…the story behind your name?

The name is just two words that came about in the studio, that fit together well, there's not a line from a book or lyric or anything like that. It summed up the process behind the whole project...I guess listen to the music, check the blog, piccies and vids and it should make sense.

... your favourite sound?

The Sound of a 7"spinning before the music kicks in

...your worst fashion secret?

Ripping holes/ the scruffing up of new clothes...same practice applies to new shoes. HATE NEW SHOES.

...your favourite website?

Probably our BIGkids blog... it's essentially a rip of all our fave sites on one tumblr.

... good for breakfast?


...the best thing about where you're from?

The people. Sure a lot of the venues and constructs that are in place in Camden add a lot to the area, but the people activate them all you know...Its like the field at glasto. Its just a field for most of the year, but then for 4 days its one of the best places on earth. Camden is like that only you dont get the downtime that festival sites get. Its always going off. the top of your shit list?

The people who are employed to remove facebook photos...God they have a good job. I want that job if ever i lose an arm or become bedbound. They must see the funniest shit, i'm so damn jealous of those fuckers....The amount of tits and balls they get to see everyday must be phenomenal. Does that count? Like, I dont hate them, but the they're on the list...cos i'm coming for them and their incredible job.

...are you listening to now?

Tribes and Alunageorge
How would you describe your work?