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Escargot Brothers Exclusive Mix

Paris' Teki Latex and LA's Mike B get together to present their exclusive new mix for Dazed here

Made up of a holy trinity of Parisian electro, The Escargot Brothers are Guillaume Berg, Thee Mike B and Teki Latex, united by their love of forward-thinking club tunage and French food. A result of their will to spread the French underground sound to a global scale with their dancefloor selections means they've made us a mixtape featuring tracks from newcomers Sam Tiba, Canblaster, and French Fries, to the original stars of the '06 electro era, Bobmo, Strip Steve, Para One, Das Glow and Brodinski. Here the trio speak to us about foie gras, sock liners and how they do in Paris alongside an exclusive mix for us...


…the story behind your name?
Mike B:
When I was in Paris I had dinner at Chez L’Ami Louis with Teki and Guillaume. We bonded over delicious escargot and the brotherhood was born.
Teki Latex: Who is that dude who comes to France and teaches me, Teki Latex, King of the Parisian restaurants, about awesome spots in my OWN CITY? That dude is Mike B.
Guillaume: We could also choose Foie Gras Brothers that night...  

... your favourite sound?
Mike B: 808 kickdrum
Teki Latex: Bling
Guillaume: Snare roll

...your worst fashion secret?
Mike B: Sock liners
Teki Latex: Mormon magic underwear
Guillaume: Nothing - always looking good

..your favourite website?
Mike B:
Teki Latex:

... good for breakfast?
Mike B: Oeufs a la Coq avec Petit Soldats
Teki Latex: Litres and litres of carrot juice
Guillaume: Bacon & Eggs from Patra (Echo Park, CA)

...the best thing about where you're from?
Mike B: Legal weed
Teki Latex: Legal crack (which is the name I like to give to little chocolate creme pots from La Laitière)
Guillaume: Wine & cheese

...are you listening to now?
Mike B: Juicy J
Teki Latex: Hrdvsion
Guillaume: Drake

How would you describe the mix in 5 words?
Mike B: Next level shit from France.
Teki Latex: Paris Bass guide for beginners
Guillaume: L'ami Louis de la musique

Artwork by Arthur King

Click HERE to download the mix.