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Exclusive: MPSF 90s Hip Hop Mix

The eclectic electronic producer mixes up the freshest 80s and 90s forgotten gems in a new mixtape for Dazed

Ahead of his new live set at Notting Hill Arts Club this Friday, London-based electronic producer My Panda Shall Fly speaks to Dazed about his not-so-secret love of Bieber and desperately needing to pee. Here he also puts together a "Rare Old School Hiphop & Rap Mixtape", full of forgotten, crackly gems from the 80s and 90s for your enjoyment.

Dazed Digital: Your mix contains 'rare/forgotten' 90s gems, but what are your top three most popular 90s hip hop anthems?
My Panda Shall Fly:
You know I can't really think of three particular fave anthems but I just came across such incredible, sadly forgotten golden tracks when I was putting together this selection and I love so many of them. I hadn't even heard many of these myself until I was compiling them for this mix. Hopefully this mix could give all these classic songs a modern-day revival!

DD: You're set to play a live show at Plan B? What are your favourite things about playing live, or will this be your first headlining live set?

My Panda Shall Fly: I've only very recently started playing live, in the new one-man-band way (MPSF used to be a live outfit a couple of years ago), and I love every minute of it. Last night / A few days ago I supported Emika (Ninja Tune) at her London album launch and that was such a fun show. Although I was onstage quite early on in the night, there were so many people there, eager to see live music, even from someone they might not have heard/seen before. That's how it should be. I'm also playing 'Talking At Me' at Notting Hill Arts Club this Friday 14 Oct which I am looking to very much. Got a new toy to play with too.

DD: When DJing: if in doubt, play ____?

My Panda Shall Fly: Any Justin Bieber jam. Straight up.

DD: What music are your working on at the moment? Any collabos we should be on the lookout for?
My Panda Shall Fly: I'm working on all sorts of stuff, really varied stuff too - I'm keen to try and experiment with as many different styles and sounds as possible, and with as many people as possible. It's what I love doing. My next EP will be coming out in a couple of months, and its a collaborative work between myself and the amazingly talented analogue beatsmith by the name of Benjamin Jackson. Stay tuned for news of that very soon!

DD: What are you most excited about right this second?

My Panda Shall Fly: Aside from my musical pursuits, I'm most excited about having a pee - I've been holding it for about five minutes now.

Grandmaster Flash - Freshest Man Alive
Biz Markie - The Doo Doo
Fresh 3 MC's - Fresh
I.R.S - My Name is I.R.S
Captain Rock - Bongo Beat
Steady B - Bring The Beat Back
Unknown - The DJ Rap
The VHB - Beethoven's Fifth (Street) Symphony
True Mathematics - Greeks In The House
Disco Four - Crazy About Cars
Positively Black - Enemies Got Me On The Run
Aleem - Get Loose
Run DMC - Sucker MC's
Tony Tee - Rap Is Music
MC Chill - The Prophecy - Part 1 (The Beginning)
Divine Force - T.V. Guide
Grandmaster Melle Mel - Gangster Movies
DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince - Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble
Captain Grandmaster Caz - The Judge
MC Flex & The FBI Crew - Rockin' It
Jen Yes - What Is Rap (Wapp)
Skinny Boys - I Wanna Be Like
Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock - Times Are Gettin Ill (7 Inch Mix)
Donald D - Notorious