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Fantastic Man Exclusive Mix

Wolf Music's Australian disco and house producer makes us an exclusive mix featuring Tornado Wallace, Debukas and Medlar

Aussie native, Mic Newman, under the guise of 'Fantastic Man' crafts deep feelgood disco-tinged house with well-selected samples and clever groove-building rhythms. His latest venture for Wolf Music on their last EP featuring the likes of Greymatter and NY/London bloggers Bicep released this September, 'Don't Worry, It's Just Me' was a lesson in dancefloor house, all classic soul vocals and catching handclaps. Here he makes us a lush exclusive mix featuring Tornado Wallace, Debukas, and labelmate Medlar for Dazed.


...your secret talent?
Catwalk walking

...your worst vice?

...the story behind your name? (fan of the Mag?)
Actually no - it's overcompensating for the music.

... your favourite sound?
Well, sometimes I like to take a note, a sawtooth wave, right off a Pantomime 4, re-gen it through itself, loop it back, mix it with the sound of a crab commiting suicide, and I let it stew on reverb for about 3 hours, right? And then I pump it all out through a shoe to get a nice oakey timbre.

...your worst fashion secret?
My Glastonbury wristband... which is still on my wrist.

...your favourite website?

... good for breakfast?
Gemischtes Frushstuk

...the best thing about where you're from?
The Internet speed the top of your shit list?
Luton Airport

...are you listening to now?
The sound of typing

How would you describe your work?
Anything but.


1. Set Myself On Fire - Debukas
2. Matrix - Pattern Select
3. Twilight (Tornado Wallace Remix - Mike Callender)
4. What a Woman Needs - Creative Swing Alliance
5. Love Chains (Mic Newman Remix) - The Bionics
6. Vacation In Sunderland - Garry Todd
7. Unknown - Carter Bros
8. Floor - Medlar
9. Love Glow - Ef Ex
10. Life'S Track 04 - Life'S Track
11. Follow Me - Mic Newman