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JD Twitch's Baraka Scoring

Known for his work as one half of Optimo, the producer is set to live score a unique documentary film in a one-off event tonight

Cosmic Boogie & Big In Japan will be kicking off the first in a unique special series of DJ soundtrack sets with the celebrated JD Twitch (of Optimo fame) on Friday 23 September. Those lucky enough to get tickets will be treated to the screening of Baraka, the impressive documentary film by Ron Fricke exploring the essence of life on Earth, all in the chic confines of east London's Queen of Hoxton rooftop.

Guests will be treated to a DJ set scoring the film by JD Twitch, followed by a 3 hour set inside which promises to deliver the best disco, electro-funk, cosmic and alternative house music floor fillers. We caught up with JD to find out if he has any special tracks for the unusual set and how the year has been shaping up for him so far.

Dazed Digital: Does the film Baraka hold any special significance to you?
JD Twitch: Indeed it does. It's a film I watched endlessly when it came out and it was a staple of Glasgow post club after parties at the time, usually viewed as a tenth generation VHS bootleg copy. Myself and some cohorts used to run a Sunday evening ambient night in Glasgow from around 92 - 94 and would regularly screen it there, playing our own selections of music along to it. I finally saw it as it was intended, on the big screen around 2000 and fell in love with it all over again. It never ceases to move me; it is an exquisite meditation on human beings and our interaction with our planet. It does not pass judgement but merely observes and in doing so perhaps reminds us what a wonderful world we live in, how electrifying it is to be alive and that we are all one people.

DD: Can you give us a sneak preview of any tracks you're planning to play on the night?
JD Twitch: 
I shall be busking this. It will be very freeform with very little pre planning. That might sound like a recipe for disaster but i think the best way to approach it is to go with how I am feeling and what the film is making me feel as it goes along. I may re imagine it in a 70s kosmische style and have dug out a lot of Brain and Sky records but also records like Peter Gabriel's score to The Last Temptation Of Christ, Mexican ambient primitivist Jorge Reyes some Daphne Oram and a few library music records.

DD: Have you attempted to DJ soundtrack a film before? Are there any other films that you'd also like to DJ soundtrack?
JD Twitch:
 No, not for a whole film. I think it would only really work for a film with very little or no dialogue, hence the reason Baraka is a good fit. I'd quite like to take the Pink Room scene from Fire Walk With Me and slow it down so it lasts 90 minutes and dj soundtrack that. i have vague fantasies of doing it to Ikarie XB1 or a few other obscure sci fi films too.

DD: What are you expecting from the experience?
JD Twitch:
 I'm expecting to space myself right out and hopefully the audience too but then perhaps jar them back to reality during the later more intense sequences of the film. More to the point, I'm interested in seeing if i can actually pull it off? Who knows if I will but it's always a pleasure to take advantage of these offers and embrace the challenge.

DD: What has been the best moment of 2011 for you so far?
JD Twitch:
 It has been a long, extended, somewhat fraught and somewhat tragic moment, but one also filled with optimism and hope - The Arab Spring.

Friday 23 September, Cosmic Boogie & Big In Japan present The Soundtrack Set with JD Twitch, 8pm - 4am (screening begins at dusk), £10 (screening and party), £5 (party only).