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Death in Vegas Return

We speak to Richard Fearless about the cult 90s group's return after a seven-year break alongside a new exclusive remix

Next Thursday, 22nd September, Death In Vegas will be returning with a full live band to perform a one-off show at London's cavernous Fabric. Finally emerging out the studio after seven years with a new album, ‘Trans-Love Energies’ on Drone Records, Richard Fearless will be playing with support from the legendary Andrew Weatherall, and Kill Em All's Stopmakingme . We're expecting a night of eclectic electronic sounds from across the spectrum - where having been a major player in 90s UK dance, Fearless known for his unusual sounds, fusing electro, dub, rock, psychedelia, soul and pop elements - finally returns to his roots in minimal techno with his new record. Alongside an exclusive stream of his new remix, Fearless speaks to us about his time in New York and why now is the time to make his return.

Dazed Digital: It's been seven years since your last studio album, how have your sounds developed since then?

Richard Fearless:
During these last seven years, while I was in New York, I didn't have my own studio and picked up a guitar for the first time. I guess after a while I started to write more song-based material as I wasn't writing through drum machines and synths. To add to this, I started to produce more and more and started to find my 'sound'.  I reckon I got more confident to try certain things, makes tracks sparser, break down the tracks to minimal components. 

DD: Have you changed anything in your approach towards making music or do you maintain your sensibilities?   

Richard Fearless:
I would say the process of creating music is always evolving for me, Right now I'm getting more into just using minimal amounts of equipment, and trying to explore the sound of it whether it be a synth, drum machine, guitar as much as possible. A  huge thing for me in the future is location recording. Trying to take the right project to the right place. For example going to an Andalucian cave house to record to bring a vibe, the natural acoustics or recording in the desert for that feeling of expanse and light that kinda thing.

DD: Why did you feel now would be a good time to return? Has new music today influenced your work?

Richard Fearless:
Well I was away in New York for six years then when I returned I knew I wanted to do the band again, it just made sense. As far as new music influencing my work ?  I wouldn't say that any thing in particular has influenced this record. I didn't submerge myself in music when writing this record. In fact I did the opposite.

DD: What can people expect from the forthcoming album?
Richard Fearless:
The sound is kind of 'broken beauty'. Its an album which doesn't really compromise and is true to my heart which I don't think I couldn't have put anymore into than I did. It sonically goes all over the shop the first three tracks go from Pakistani bouzouki players, to strings, banjo then into sonic rock then what sounds like a lost old warehouse tune.

DD: What are you anticipating for your one-off show at Fabric?

Richard Fearless:
Really excited about this show as its our first London show in about seven years and also my friend Stopmakingme is playing and my sonic guru Mr Andrew Weatherall


DD: What are you most excited about next?
Richard Fearless:
Putting out my other bands record 'Black Acid' which is mastered and ready to go and sounding fantastic and getting out on the road again with Death in Vegas and building my tree house studio.

Death In Vegas Album Launch Party at Fabric: Thursday 22nd September 2011. Trans-Love Energies due out on September 26th on Drone Records